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The Metabolic Reboot (Mastery) with Private Fitness Coaching

  • Experience the program with your own highly credentialed Reboot Coach

  • Includes five (5) one-on-one sessions (live or virtual depending on where you live)

  • Personal Guidance with Exercise and Eating

  • Complete Intake, Health History, and pre-program Assessment

  • 60-minute post-program review and direction session

  • Full Online Library and Downloads

  • All elements of the Online Version are included

  • Access to Live Webinars and the recorded Replays


The “Metabolic Reboot” is a program that changes bodies, but it isn’t aimed only at the physical, at least not initially. It shocks people with the outcomes they achieve because the physical change, be it weight loss, fat loss, or a new look of athleticism, is the manifestation of the change within. We bring about a change in neural wiring, mindset, the microbiome, access to Life Force, and the health and function of the cell. The program is fully grounded in a mix between the wisdom of the ages (often ignored by modern medicine) and the newest revelations of genetic science.

The 21 Day Metabolic Reboot program promises to be the most comprehensive life-altering health-improving body-transforming program of its kind and working with a coach dramatically increases the magnitude of the value and both short-term and long-term outcomes.

This is the same program conducted at Phil Kaplan's associated facilities including the  renowned Biohackers Fitness and Wellness Centers for between $800 and $2200.  Through this offer, it's delivered to you virtually wherever on the planet you live at a highly discounted and affordable price and it strategically integrates a pre-set "schedule" of coaching / training sessions.. 

The Metabolic Reboot is built upon 42 immutable principles of science, has been proven with over 7,000 people from all walks of life, and has a 100% success rate (among those who worked personally with Phil Kaplan and his staff at his affiliated fitness and medical facilities) in improving the age-old biomarkers of health including improvements in body composition, reduction in body fat, and increases in energy and metabolic power.

As you progress through the 21 Days, daily webinars, coaching sessions, illustrations, and downloadable handouts will be unlocked in your virtual library, and once the program is complete, you'll have access to all of the materials for one full year. 

You can repeat the program as often as you like, each time finding progress and betterment.

In addition to your Coaching Session, the program includes:

  • 7 strategically delivered webinars sharing the keys to fat loss and healing
  • Daily downloads modifying the exercises and eating plan for consistent and progressive betterment
  • It is empowering, complete, and will deliver insights and strategies you'll use for life

This program has been used in clinical settings to reverse chronic disease, healthfully and naturally, and is delivered in 3 different levels the highest of which ensures enhanced performance for athletes.  Quite simply, the Metabolic Reboot is designed to make you better.  And better.

As alluded to earlier, The 21 Day Metabolic Reboot is sold with consults, personal training sessions, and additional support for $2,200.  This special "Mastery" Version gives you all of the transformational material without the "extras" at a very affordable price.

The coach that referred you here will reach out to you shortly after you receive your online access.

GET STARTED!  Here's a promise.  Your life is about to change for the better.