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Dr. Monica Blount
M.D., Surgeon

My name is Phil Kaplan and I'm about to take you on a journey that will prove to be the most transformational, empowering, universe-rocking experience of your life, and if you think that's a bold promise . . . stay with me.  There's more to come!

Metabolic Re-ignition is the key to breaking the pattern of weight gain and overcoming Weight Loss Resistance (WLR). The secret is the 7 Day Metabolic Reboot.

Mastery of this “eat, move, and love it” system (no restrictive dieting or excessive exercise) is the answer to overcoming body fat challenges once and for all.

Metabolic Re-ignition Technology integrates 7 Biochemechanical processes to align with nature’s gifts for human betterment.

This is metabo-science unveiled and shaped into a groundbreaking 7-day process where you not only release and burn fat, but you re-activate innate powers of thermogenesis (cellular heat).

Fat loss is only one of the benefits. 

You’ll lose weight, eliminate brain fog, restore health, and re-experience that level of excellence you associated only with youthful vitality.  As you progress through the 7 days, you’ll remember what it felt like when everything “worked perfectly” as your body returns to a state of physical and physiological excellence, and if you’ve never really been at a point of true physcal excellence (healthy and fit), that’s all about to change.



In early February of 2020, 483 people test-piloted this program for a total weight loss of well over 5000 pounds, and whether you share the outcomea with your physician, your health coach, your personal trainer, or your friendly neighborhood “expert in all things,” nothing speaks to truth like evidence.

If you’ve “tried everything,” or wasted time, money, and energy on other programs, that has absolutely nothing to do with the Metabolic Reboot.  If your past experience is the only thing holding you back, you owe it to yourself to step into your own power.

This is unlike anything you’ve ever tried.  Guaranteed.

Here's the "need-to-know-stuff" nobody ever shared with you. . . 

If you are having trouble releasing and burning fat, YOU AREN'T ALONE.  Over 45% of our adult population struggles with a rarely identified condition called R.E.M.A.S.S. a condition where metabolism slows, hormonal shifts begin a metabolically crippling cascade, and weight becomes uncontrollable. 

Why have chronic conditions and weight loss resistance become the plagues of 21st century America? 

If we're looking to indict a villain, we can point a whole bunch of fingers at everyone from the pharmaceutical giants who thrive on illness, to the flawed diet industry that succeeds financially because it fails people (think about that). 

If we have any fingers left to point, we can blame technology, the food industry, the medical field, and the environmental disruptors that permeate manufacturing, industry, and big business, and while there’s validity in all of those accusations, none of that matters. 

What matters is, even if you’ve been deceived, misinformed, and misled, it all turns around right now.

Yes.  Right now.  You can start your 7-Day Reboot in moments, and life changes forever.

Why do you want to start your Metabolic Reboot right now?  Well, the obvious reason is the answer to the question, “when do you want to start feeling great?”  The narrower answer is . . . because right now (and only right now) it’s absurdly affordable, you can get the whole thing online instantly, and this opportunity isn’t likely to ever show itself again.

The entire 7-Day Metabolic Reboot program, with all 9 webinars (1 per day and a few extras for “before” and “after”), the same download materials clients who invested over $1,250 for the program received, and virtually every tool you need to maximize this 7 day transformation, is only $149.

Oh . . . here it comes . . .

But wait!  There’s more!

You can subtract another $100 through this special promotion. 

Yes, really.  If you opt to get on board right this very minute, the entire program is $49.  Period.

Oh, and . . . it’s offered with a money-back guarantee.

Your risk?  Zero. 

Your potential outcome?  Power over your body, metabolism, health, and well-being once and for all.




Allow me to share a personal story. 

By the late 1990’s, I was celebrated as one of the top fitness professionals in the world, invited to speak in 18 different countries before audiences of tens of thousands.  I had been on over 1,000 TV and Radio shows sharing what became my unintentional identity, “The Purveyor of Fitness Truth.”  The recognition and accolades always referenced ethics, integrity, and the consistent delivery of results (fitness, bodybuilding, weight loss). 

In 2005 my world changed. 

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease by the head of Neurology at a top medical institution.

That was a difficult moment.  I fought visions of myself drooling in a wheelchair as my then-5-year-old daughter fed me with a spoon.  

I tear it up to this day when I relive that moment.

Thankfully, after getting on the other side of tears, fear, and anger, I sought out answers.  It was that search that led me here.   I came to learn that the diagnosis was in fact a mis-diagnosis.  The doctor was . . . wrong!!!!

Several months before my symptoms started, my office was flooded by Hurricane Wilma and the physical effects that I was suffering (that resembled the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease) were related to mold toxicity and fully reversible.

If I say, “the experience changed me,” that would be an extreme understatement.  That experience changed my universe, led me down roads I’d never anticipated, and ultimately allowed me to reach out to people like you offering solutions when all seems bleak. 

After “recovering” from the mold symptoms, focusing solely on “fitness” seemed far less important than it ever had. 

It was as if I had a new calling, to help people from all walks of life rediscover their own personal excellence, despite their previous frustrations, failures, and crippling beliefs.

I moved into the medical space, and started working with a handful of hospitals and progressive physicians to reverse chronic disease.  Immersed in a new area of change, I and my colleagues came to recognize that virtually all chronic disease, from hypothyroidism to diabetes, has its roots in inflammation, and if through lifestyle shifts I could help people reverse inflammation, we could reverse disease. 

And so it went.

It started in a handful of hospitals where the results and outcomes were deemed miraculous.

As my programs developed, getting hundreds, then thousands of people off of their prescribed meds, I continued to refine the science and one of the most dramatic effects in re-activating the foundations of metabolism and the body’s innate healing systems was a reduction in body fat.  People were losing weight, even years after they’d “tried everything” and given up hope.

The fat loss phenomenon made sense.  As we learned to heal metabolism the innate powers of fat loss and fat incineration were reawakened. 

We saw metabolic power restored to everyone who went through the program, from 22 to 83, men and women, from all walks of life.

Several months ago, I quietly released this 7-Day program along with a highly supervised protocol, for $1,250, and . . . wow.  Lives changed.  Tears of joy.  The expression “thank you for giving me my life back” became a daily utterance as did phrases such as "rocked her sexy body" and "back to my fighting weight."

The program is all about power.  Your power.  Your innate power restored.

Here’s where you smile.  Right now, it’s all accessible online, without need to visit my facility, to go through health screenings, or to be directed and supervised by my staff.  This is so powerful and so necessary it needs to be available, affordable, and accessible to the public, not for the $1,250 price tag we charge to visit me and work with my staff in-house, but for a tiny fraction of that. 

People NEED this program. 

Now, it’s yours.

The special promotional price I established is $149.

I promise you, the program is designed, through downloadable webinars and enlightening and crystal-clear support materials, as if I’m coaching you personally.

Start the Reboot and don’t look back.

Order and begin.  It’s that simple. 

Order your online 7-Day Metabolic Reboot right now, and get the entire program for only $49 with an unconditional money back guarantee.

Is it time to start gaining control?  Is it time to discover your own power?  Is it time to experience what it really means to be “your best?”

Is it worth 7 days and $49?  Of course it is.


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