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The Weight Loss Industry is a $100 Billion Industry and Most People Will Fail to Achieve a Satisfactory or Lasting Result.  The Metabolic Reboot Program has been proven in major hospitals and medical centers, with over 7,000 people.  It is science based, built upon 42 Immutable Principles, and integrates nutrition, movement, mindset, and recovery, the vital elements necessary for positive shifts in body composition and biochemistry (blood sugar, thyroid, etc).  Before you waste any money on another purported "solution," find your own power to regenerate, recompose, and heal with the Metabolic Reboot (the program developed by Phil Kaplan and offered through Biohackers Medical Fitness & Wellness Centers)

In only 21 Days, Reinstall Youthful Metabolic Programming



Retrain your body to "Burn" Through Food and Release and Incinerate Fat Once and For All!


Reawaken the Innate Intelligence That Maximizes Energy and Restores Bodily Systems to a Renewed State of Divine Health

It sounds crazy.  Can you really reboot metabolism in 21 Days? 
Yes, and you'll come to understand how "Rebooters" worldwide are reversing chronic diseases they belived they'd have forever!

From You Coach Mark Pagano:

I am in a great position as not only a Coach for the Metabolic Reboot and ALIVE Across America, but also having first experienced the Reboot as a client. I was stuck. Training programs and nutrition guidelines that I had followed for years were no longer getting me the results. I was sluggish, constantly sore and getting injured more and more frequently. I simply thought that age was finally catching up and I was looking for a change.

When I learned about the Reboot, I was skeptical. I have been a trainer and martial arts instructor for nearly 30 years, I knew so much already…but I also knew enough to know that there is always more to learn and experience. So, skepticism aside, I decided to give it my full attention and see what happens.

I was amazed at the changes I experienced! I realized that I was misinformed about major components of proper nutrition. I also recognized that although I was maintaining an appropriate level of stress during my workouts, I was not experiencing adequate recovery…which was leading me into a continuous cycle of overtraining, and injury. I also learned the importance of meditation and recovery. I was continually stressed in other ways, which was moving me toward a state of maladaptation and disease. Although I was not taking any medications, my doctor had threatened to make me start. After the Reboot, we checked my labs again and everything was within normal healthy ranges!

As a Trainer and a Coach, I have helped so many clients through the Reboot, and I continue to train and coach through the principles learned. Amazing Results await you and I look forward to being a part of your Journey!"

From Program Founder Phil Kaplan:

People are so locked in to old beliefs related to health that they fail to see the miracles that lie before us.  It's time to experience those miracles first hand.



"You Were Born With a Divine Power to Heal!"

The Metabolic Reboot Releases That Power!

Click to Get Started and Access That Power!
From our active Community of Rebooters:

Jon Bass

The Metabolic Reboot showed me I was overtraining and undereating.  With the simple nutritional tweaks and exercise shifts," fat loss and muscle gain happened quickly.  Type 2 Diabetes is a memory, I am 10% bodyfat, and I feel young, vibrant, and ready to take on the world (and I celebrated my 70th birthday a few years ago)!

Karlene Myers

"Lovin' the power the Metabolic Reboot has brought me. I finally understand the role your mindset plays in your success/failures! Finally, I have clarity with exercise, food, and attitude, thanks to the Metabolic Reboot!!!!  And my body is responding in more ways than I can count!"

John Willie

“When I first started I was overwhelmed. The 21 day reboot, was such a change in diet and mindset. I lost over 20lbs during that 3 weeks and have lost another 10lbs in th weeks that followed. My wife jumped in and she lost 12 pounds, and my daughter 9 pounds. My advice?  Relax and enjoy the healthful, fun, inspiring ride!"

More Personal Experiences

Louie Lavoie Dropped 40 pounds

"In a matter of months I have lost 40 pounds, decreased insulin from 122 units to 45, and lowered medication by 50%.  Thee program is priceless.  The community and Coaches (like Mark) are amazing as they masterfully enable your ability to succeed!" 

John Feiden - 28 Pounds Lighter

"One day I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw. It was as simple as that. I reached out to Phil and he started me on his 21 Day Reboot.  With the simple lessons the webinars provided I started eating "better" than i ever have in my life and I feel as good as I have in a long time.  I am not, by nature, "an exercise person," but the workouts were fun and thanks to the Reboot I dropped 28 pounds, added muscle, and feel amazing.  I've upped my goals and see my "best ever" just ahead!"

Rachael Heiser did a Pushup! 

“Omg, I'm going through the Metabolic Reboot, loving it, gaining clarity, noticing wonderful changes, filling in the missing pieces of the puzzle, and . . . I just did a pushup!!! I’m literally crying, I’m crying. Omg I have never ever felt what a push-up feels like. I can’t stop crying."

Mike Riggin Lost Over 20 Pounds

"A group of us did the Metabolic Reboot with Mark as our personal Coach. It was awesome! The coaching and videos were a big help. When we did this program as a group, I lost over 20 lbs. and felt so much better. You learn not only about nutritional aspects, but also exercise. I have a back injury and Mark worked with me in modifying the exercises to fit my needs. If you really want to get healthy I highly recommend you begin The Metabolic Reboot and jump start your journey."

Brian Moore & Friends Lost 13-16 Pounds Each

"The Metabolic Reboot Experience was amazing! Mark Pagano is a great coach and mentor! The Metabolic Reboot was amazing! I went through it with a few friends and our results were astonishing. We each lost between 13-16 pounds, took inches off our waists, and lowered our percent body fat! What’s more important is that we all feel great! For me, I no longer have the achy feelings when I must pick something up, or go up/down-stairs, and my energy is incredible! It’s not only a worthwhile investment, it’s a lifestyle change for the better!"

John Miller is "Better" and "Lighter" 

"It has been about a year since my wife, and I did the 21 Day Reboot program and thought you would like to know that we think it was so worth it. I lost between 10 and 15 lbs., that I had been trying to lose (unsuccessfully) and was delighted that I maintained good muscle tone and strength from the exercise program. The program is deceiving in that the exercise doesn't look like much at first.

I thought the nutrition component was going to be difficult to follow, but it wasn't. I never felt starved or denied anything. Getting sugar out of our diets was incredible. We still have meals based on the program and we saved all the recipes.

The bottom line: I still am down 10 to 15 lbs. and I continue to maintain an exercise program! I am more careful about food choices but feel as though I am always satisfied!"

Check out our community of coaches

Phil's programs are truly revolutionary, and the 21 Day Reboot is a wildly effective strategy for lasting transformation!

-Tasso Kiriakes

It's an amazing gift I give my clients.  With these programs, I give them youth, energy, and power!  The change in 21 Days is mind-blowing!

-Ariel Griglin

I can honestly say the 21 Day Metabolic Reboot has changed, not only the lives of my clients, but my life as well!

-Mark Pagano

Maribel Bleeker

"Regardless of your past, regardless of how elusive "the right exercise and eating plan" has been, it all starts anew with The Metabolic Reboot.  Most of all, it restores your power, and from there the sky's the limit!"

Tammie Lange

"It's amazing how often the Metabolic Reboot is the turning point for my clients.  They go from "stuck" and "inflamed" to fit and powerful!  The number of true life changes is amazing!"

Dr. Rozalyn Moore

"I've committed my professional life to helping women regain their power.  We use a number of strategies, and when we start with the Metabolic Reboot, they begin with a massive advantage!"

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  • Personal Guidance with Exercise and Eating

  • Complete Intake, Health History, and pre-program Assessment

  • 60-minute post-program review and direction session

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  • Immediate access to the  Virtual Reboot library

  • Access to private Facebook Coaching Group

  • Live segments with elite coaches

  • 7 Webinar Presentations (available any time for Replay)

  • Daily program downloads for the full 21 Days

  • Remote intake with your Elite Coach (optional for $35 additional)

  • Metabolic Meals Recipe Book

  • Virtual Post-Program Guidance Session (free for anyone who scheduled an intake)


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