Phil Kaplan
Medical Fitness Consultant,
Founder of the Metabolic Reboot


As a Medical Fitness Professional I've worked with thousands of people to restore health and metabolism, and in the great majority of cases, the initial conversation includes the following statement:

"No matter what I do, I can't lose weight!"

Not only is this a false belief, but in far too many cases it becomes a self-fulfilling prohesy.  The belief itself impedes the likelihood of a thrilling outcome.

You Can "Fix" This!

Most of the time, a gradual accumulation of fat that doesn't appar to respond to the usual "eat right and exercise" strategies, is a symtpom of a shift in endocrine (hormone) activity.  A visit to a doctor often reveals deficinencies in thyroid output or irregularities in blood sugar and the first course of action is a pharmaceutical prescription.

Here's the sad truth.  There isn't a single drug that cures a single chronic disease.

When we confirm that an individual's resistance to weight loss is "R.E.M.A.S.S." 'we can initiate a 21 Day process of metabolic restoration involving nothng more than simple shifts in the way you eat, move, and think.

Copmlete the Quiz above and a member of my staff will review your results and share what we have found to be the best course of action for "a fix."