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The 8 Challenges of Fat Loss - Gone!

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2020

The 8 Challenges of Fat Loss

I write this on the heels of the release of my 7-Day Metabolic Reboot, a one-week-long program that has demonstrated the most remarkable results I’ve ever seen.

While I’ve always maintained that anyone can find betterment, and that those who fail do so either because they’re misinformed or applying a flawed approach, I’ve come to absolutely without any question evidence, with this 7 day program, that weight loss resistance is fixable.  The greatest blockage is . . . the spreading of false belief.

I’m going to invite you to experience the 7-Day Reboot for the same absurdly affordable price I presented to my inner circle (ALIVE Connection Members) but only for a short time.  I want you to overcome any false beliefs, to shut down any blockages or stone-wall excuses, and really see how “fixable” your present condition is.

Before I make the offer (yes, of course you can just scroll down), I want to share the...

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Keto: the Answer or a Plunge into the Diet Abyss?

 You’ve heard that “Keto” is the solution to all of your weight loss woes?  Fat will leave you, abs will arrive, and the whole world will be a better brighter place? 

Then you need to create “ketones.”

In order to get into a state where significant ketone bodies are being produced and are actively traveling in your bloodstream, you have some work to do. 

The first step, if your only goal is to “get into ketosis” is a simple one. 

Take a forkful of lamb or a juicy pork chop.  Wrap it in cheese.  Then put butter all over it and wrap it in a nice hunk of fried bacon and a rich green leaf of romaine lettuce.  Dip it in coconut oil, eat it, then do it again.  A few hours later, repeat.

For those reading this who are already foaming at the mouth, not from the meal fantasy I just outlined but because they’re reactively jacked to defend their commitment to keto, please don’t mistake my absurd...

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It Isn't You, It's Your Hormones. Fix it!

Uncategorized Nov 07, 2018

Liz sat across from me in a consultation and told me every reason she couldn't lose weight.  She had many.  They had to do with her cravings, her mother, her kids, her doctor, moving to Florida, her mid-life career change, her divorce . . . and if I let her keep going the consultation would have lasted a week and a half.

Nobody ever told Liz she had R.E.M.A.S.S.  It's so common I can guarantee you know at least a dozen people with the condition.  A doctor won't diagnose R.E.M.A.S.S. because it's a term I and several physicians I work with coined.  The more descriptive title for the condition would be Weight Loss Resistance.

I'm going to share some explanations and bullet points so you can begin to assess if your condition is something other than you've convinced yourself it is.  If we look at the big picture, Liz wasn't "wrong" in blaming all of the variables in her life, as they contributed to her stress, but more than anything else she needed a...

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What's the Deal with Salt?

Uncategorized Nov 06, 2018

Sodium and salt are synonymous.  Sort of.  OK, not really.  OK, not at all.

Let’s take a closer look.

If you poke around through conventional information channels, it’s easy to point a finger at salt and accuse it of being the hypertensive villain, and if you want some salt to point a finger at, you don’t have to look very hard or very far.  Salt finds its way onto every restaurant table in America and into virtually every snack food from cookies to chips.

Sodium has many roles in human metabolism and due to its propensity for water, high sodium intake may increase water both intracellularly and in the interstitial space between cells.  The increased fluid retention can lead to the heart working harder to move more fluid through a reduced arterial space.  The likely outcome of more water inside and around the arteries would be greater pressure inside.

If we had only that information to go on, we could draw the following conclusion


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When your Belly Hangs Over Your Belt

Uncategorized Oct 27, 2018

Andy was a multi-millionaire, a deal maker, a business pit-bull. 

45 years old, wealthy, and successful, his perpetual “wish” was that he’d “get in shape.” 

Andy had a heart attack and died.

No, that’s no way to start an article, at least not if you’re a marketer.  It's so . . . harsh.  I've read the books and attended the workshops.  You have to entice, drip the nice benefits of your offering and throw in marketing hooks as you build interest.

Screw building interest.  I’m not playing a marketing game right now.  Andy died, and so too did Ken, a 38-year old realtor, and Richie, a father of four who was “in the money business” moving from high-stakes deal to high-stakes deal.

These are three real people.  I didn’t know them well, but I met them.   They all came to me recently seeking change. 

Of the three, none of them took the step.  They were too busy,...

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