Novel Supplements with true value in battling entropy.

Application of the 42 Principles and the 6-Point Secret ready the body and mind to leap forward into a journey of biological age reversal. As you enjoy the powerful shifts in eating, moving, and thinking, you want to look forward and consider integrating some of the Novel Supplements Phil identified in his workshops and webinars.  All products listed here are key features of the Younger, Better, Stronger program.

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"Science has revealed that our biological programming, rate of cellular oxidation, and hormonal maladaptation are the causes of degenerative aging.  With the right knowledge and compounds, it's all changeable! "


This remarkable compound utilizes a carbon cage to trap and neutralize free radicals.  C60 in Olive Oil has demonstrated unprecedented potential for sustaining youth at a cellular level and reversing oxidation.  In milestone studies, the addition of C60 in a base of pure olive oil expanded the life of subjects (mice) by 90%.  That means it just about doubled their lifespan.  The science is mind-blowing and this version of C60 in olive oil meets the criteria for being sound, effective, and safe.

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Clean Slate, manufactured by the ROOT Brand, is an incredible cellular detoxification agent micronized from nature's zeolite, a proven binder and toxin remover.  Clinoptilolite delivers tiny zeolite particles which attach to and remove toxic metals both from the bloodstream, from the organs, and from the cells.

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Phil calls this product line "genius" in that it affordably combines prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, anti-inflammatories, fat loss aids, antioxidants, and more in a 3-part delivery system.  Two capsules in the morning, a very light shake 10 minutes later, and you put a time-release transdermal patch on your skin and you're all set for the entire day. 

Phil's made available a 3-Day Sample Pack, a 7-Day Sample Pack, or a weekly LIVE Zoom call where he answers all questions. If you're ready to give THRIVE  a try, choose the option best for you, and if you simply want to know more, register for the next Zoom Call. 

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Colostrum +

Read Phil Kaplan's article:

Bovine Colostrum

THRIVE REBUILD adds power to premium bioactive grass-fed bovine colostrum by adding Turmeric, antioxidant plant extracts, and Annatto, a root with anti-inflammatory properties.

It's an ideal addition to any your youth preservation program. 

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This powerful antioxidant, a keto-carotenoid found in wild caught salmon, krill, and red algae, has demonstrated far greater anxioxidant power in humans than Vitamin C, CoQ10, and other highly valued compounds.  Evidence, specifically related to exercisers, suggests a 12 mg dosage is most likely to replicate the effects demonstrated in studies.  Ideally Astaxanthin will be swallowed with bioavailable phospholipids / fatty acids.

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Krill Oil

Contains the Omega 3's EPA and DHA but in a biologically advantageous phospholipid form.  This brand is all natural, free of GMOs, free of Gluten, and pure.  Because Krill Oil contains abundant and bioavailable Omega 3's and Astaxanthin, it has an advantage over other fish oils as it has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.  When we explore the benefits of a single compound that contains EPA, DHA, cholin, astanxanthin, and phospholipids we find that it likely has far-reaching benefit ranging from heart health to brain health.

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NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine)

This is the precursor to Glutathione.  The goal is to increase intracellular Glutathione so a high quality 3rd-party tested product is likely a more  trustworthy product in terms of end result.

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Liposomal Glutathione

Glutathione is, far and away, the most important cellular antioxidand in support of vital metabolic functions including cellular detoxification and control of free radical damage.

While most forms of glutathione can not be absorbed at the cellular level through oral administration, this Liposomal compound is designed, as evidenced by published science, to get the job done, increasing cellular levels of this master antioxidant.

This product also includes whole food components of cysteine-rich foods to increase the body's capacity to make its own Glutathione and can well complement oral NAC Supplementation.

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NAD+ Oral Spray

NAD+ can be found in every cell and plays a role in hundreds of metabolic processes.  Restoring cellular NAD can restore youthful metabolic excellence but swallowing it in capsule form doesn't deliver the compound through cell membranes.  IV NAD+ is effective but costly.  This oral spray bypasses the digestive tract and delivers NAD (protected by a liposomal bilayer) and the most researched precursors into the bloodstream for a cellular boost.

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Read Phil's Blog Post About NAD

NAD+ Liposomal Capsules

NAD+ can be found in every cell and plays a role in hundreds of metabolic processes.  Restoring cellular NAD can restore youthful metabolic excellence.  While the NAD molecule in unstable making it unsuitable for digestive delivery, this formulation protects the NAD with a liposomal "bubble" (a phospholipid protected molecule) and includes the highly researched precursor, NMN for optimal delivery at a cellular level.

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Mentioned in the ALIVE Protocol, the Metabolic Reboot, and Younger Better Stronger, this powerful compound has demonstrated impressive ability to protect and preserve cellular structures and organelles in the brain.  Its documented benefits are far-reaching ranging from antioxidant properties to anti-inflammatory abilities.  There are two versions, S-ALA and R-ALA (referring to the molecular configuration)  R-ALA is the one your body uses so its important, when choosing a supplement, you choose one with a high quality R-ALA content.  It has demonstrated promise in optimizing insulin, even in the case of Type 2 diabetes, and has also demosntrated antiviral properties.  While we can consume ALA in liver, dark greens, and other organ meats, ingestion through food doesn't appear to have the same youth-preserving benefits of 600 mg taken twice per day in supplemental form.

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Bosmeric SR

In simple language, this is a very powerful science-based anti-inflammatory formula.  Rather than simply delivering powdered turmeric, it concentrates the most active curcumin alkaloids to maximize the effect.  It includes bioperine which is an extract of blacck pepper that dramatically increses the bioavailability of the alkaloids (which is why we add black pepper to Golden Milk).  The formula is further enhanced by the addition of extracts of Boswellia (commonly known as Frankinsence) which increase the anti-inflammatory power and also create an anti-oxidant effect.  This is not an ordinary product.  It was formulated by the esteemed Dr. Sunil Pai, who literally wrote the book on inflammation.  While it is a fast-acting forumla, it is also structured for Sustained Release (thus the SR) which makes it fast-acting and long-lasting.  

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CoQ10 (Ubiquinol)

Highly synergistic with Alpha Lipoic Acid, CoQ10 is found in every cell in the body and diminishes with age.  It is not only a powerful antioxidant but it is also a key player in metabolic energy production.  This particular formula uses the most bioavailable form of CoQ10 (Ubiquinol) and enhances its cellular value by adding Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids.  Whether used independently or in combination with ALA, the research strongly supports its energy-preserving value and its significant contribution to heart health.

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Learn about all the strategies Phil and Dr. Comella use to help athletes and chronically ill alike find betterment.  From cryotherapy to hyperbaric oxygen, you'll want to know how miraculous technology can be when we align it with nature.

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Grass-Fed Whey Protein

Contains the Omega 3's EPA and DHA but in a biologically advantageous phospholipid form

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Collagen Peptides

While collagen protein provides vital amino acids, it provides extreme benefit specifically for connective tissue, joints, nails, skin, and hair.

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Bio-Active Sovereign Silver

Silver is a proven and reliable anti-viral with a longstanding track record of use and research.  This brand is recommended by long-time friend and colleague, Dr. David Blyweiss.

Bio-Active Sovereign Silver

Hustle Drops

A natural blend of mint and coconut for a short term kick, a boost in energy that comes from greater oxygen utilization.

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ProBiotic from Le-Vel

(the company that manufactures THRIVE)

If you're already using the THRIVE 1-2-3 you're already getting a great mix of pre and probiotics.  If for any reason you don't want ot use the entire kit, here's a great option to get your gut biome back in balance.

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Clean Air!

The Molekule Air is a technologically advanced air purification system.  It's the one Phil uses in his bedroom, his health club, and his office. 

"I've learned a lot about air purifiers after having first hand experience with Mold Toxicity and chemical sensitivity.  Some were too bulky and heavy, some too noisy, some over $3,000, and many were simply ineffective."

The Molekule is affordable (for this category of filter), light, quiet, and the technology is validated by both science and my personal experience.  It uses PECO filtration, which not ensures it not ony removes allergans and mold spores, but also the invisible but harmful VOC compounds.  for me, this one is the winner.  When you order, use the discount code KAPLAN and you'll save $50.

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