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I've devoted my adult life to helping people like you transform their bodies, health, and lives.  My present energies are directed to metabolic recovery and health restoration.  It starts with a first step.  Whether you've worked with my team and/or my programs before or this will be a first, schedule  your 15-minute consult and we'll get you on the right path to achieving a new level of excellence.

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Live Metabolic Reboot

Starting November 1, 2023, the 21-Day Metabolic Reboot program is delivered Live, in person.  It includes 3 LIVE Group Sessions led by Phil along with one-on-one coaching, the virtual libraray, and more at a fraction of the regular price.


The remarkable nutritional Biohack.  This ingenious 3-part system, designed to be used daily, first thing in the morning, has helped clients  achieve significant improvements in health and metabolism

Thanksgiving Pretox

A proven system for maximizing the Metabolic Power of Thanksgiving Gluttony.  With a simple and effective pre-Holiday exercise and eating strategy, the Thanksgiving Meal becomes Metabolic Fuel.  No strict dieting, just power!

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Whether you Struggle with Weight Loss Resistance, Chronic Disease, Inflammation, or the Degeneration We Mistakenly Associate with Aging, This is a Rare Opportunity to Meet with Phil and Get Clear Direction on your Path To a Healthy Future.

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