ReDiscover Physical Excellence. 

The New Younger Better Stronger Program is more than a groundbreaking program.  It's an odyssey whose time has come.  By integrating genetic science, biochemistry revelations, and long-held ancient secrets of health, you can restore, regenerate, heal, and optimize virtually every system of your body.  Whatever your age or physical condition, this is your Return to Excellence.


"This program defies the paradigm of 21st century conventional medicine and taps into the long-held wisdom of Hippocrates and the true Fathers of Medical Science.  The innate power to heal is within you, and when we learn to restore our divine programs for betterment, we can achieve miracles." 


As we come to understand the mechanisms of aging, we have a new ability to “hack” into our own biology and sustain or improve the body’s innate physical attributes and defenses.

Restoring Power

The program guides you to restore systemic balance, to increase muscle size, to improve oxygenation, and to reintroduce hormonal balance and the restoration of mental, physical, and systemic power is inevitable.

Epigenetic Correction

We were led to believe that our genetics defined our outcomes (your Mom had diabetes so you would too).  We now understand that genetic switches are malleable, and we can optimize health regardless of genetics. 

The Right Balance

Hormones, lifestyle, and misinformation plague men to lose muscle beginning at 33.  With the YBS approach, the ideal balance between "physical stress" and optimal recovery, you gain control over body composition at any age.


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Oh, To Be Younger.

by program founder, Phil Kaplan

I'll keep this brief, as no matter how long I go on or how much I ramble, you'll be skeptical.  Benjamin Button was fiction.  The fountain of youth was wishful thinking.  We are taught to believe that the degeneration we associate with aging is an absolute.

I'm about to rattle that belief.

Consider this.  Aging, as we know it, is a mistake, and as you'll learn when you begin this 8-Week Journey, nature provides all the "medicine" we need.

Here's what I and my team have documented from customers and clients.

  • 7 year reduction in age based on the Polar Body Age assessment
  • Radical reduction in symptoms (using a 40 point symptoms checklist)
  • Improvements in hormonal balance
  • Restoration of "normal" blood sugar in diabetic clients
  • Restoration of normal thyroid function in clients medicated for hypothyroidism
  • Absurd increases in strength
  • Explosive changes in athletic performance
  • Reduction in brain fog and restoration of mental clarity
  • Reversal of weight loss resistance
  • Improvements in mood, energy, digestion, and appearance

I invite you to put the program to the test.  It's unlike anything you've tried before.

  • You'll learn to breathe differently, reawakening the diaphragm and restoring the cellular oxygenation you failed to appreciate as a teenager.
  • Through simple movement patterns you'll reignite the lymphatic system and rid your body of toxic waste
  • You'll gain complete clarity as to the foods you should consume and the nutritional strategies that will serve you in your quest to become better.
  • You'll exercise in a manner that invigorates every system of your body, fully allowing for recovery and healing.  No exhaustion.  No joint pain.  No muscle ache.
  • You'll master a mindset technique that requires only 90 seconds of meditation twice per day and the science that underlies this practice will blow you away.
  • You'll recognize the power of gratitude, of select herbs, of medicinal fruits and vegetables, and you will consume meals completely in line with your personal comfort and power.
  • This program is multi-faceted, restoring health by indirectly activating select elements of six vital points of healing.  Brain, Immune System, Gut, Mind, Spirit, and Cell.

My journey has been extreme.  From extreme health to extreme illness and back, after defying doctors' diagnoses, learning from true masters of health, reaching into the annals of ancient wisdom, and combining what i learned with the science of the 21st Century, and I'm thrilled you're considering allowing me to be your guide.  To betterment.

Think back to a time in your life when you felt you were living in Excellence.  This is your return.

Return to Excellence.  REGISTER for Younger, Better, Stronger NOW!

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