Nutritional Supplement Solutions

The field has become so confusing.  It's time you found clarity as to what supplements truly align with your desires and needs.

What Supplements Are Most Valuable?

Let's start by looking at the three classes of nutritional supplements that have the widest value for health, performance, and betterment.

Prebiotics / Probiotics

Gut health is more than simply taming "an upset stomach."  Science has revealed, it is the key to optimal immune function, disease protection, and optimal health.  In order to restore and maintain the ideal "gut biome," supplemental probiotics are fast becoming the most valuable nutritional addition for the masses.  You'll want a quality multi-strain probiotic with living colony forming units.

Macro Meal Options

Although product marketers say otherwise, supplements are never going to be "solutions," but those products that allow us to get an ideal mix of macronutrients (proteins and protein-sparing nutrients) allow you to get supportive nutrition when a healthy meal is not accessible or convenient.  Athletes and bodybuilders know "meal replacement powders" are "a must" when fitness is a priority.


The molecular "bad guys" that cause aging are nasty little rebels called "free radicals."  They're produced under conditions of stress ranging from toxic stress to physical exercise.  Thankfully, we have a way of battling those rascals and maintaining cellular vitality.  We load up on antioxidants, and while we know we can get them from food, supplemental anti-oxidants serve as vital protection.


It means one of 3 things

  1. The user “feels” an effect shortly after ingesting the product
  2. The user notes benefit over time after consistent usage
  3. The product has a long-term nutritional benefit and aids in protecting or enhancing cellular or systemic health

The first possibility is the sexiest, and it’s the trap that has far too many people falling for scams.  The challenge in most cases, is a short term stimulant effect creates an illusion of outcome and the mistaken belief that "something's happening."  For the first time ever, I can say I found a product line that "works"' in all 3 categories, and the long-term benefit is the greatest of all.


The THRIVE product line is nothing short of genius.  It combines the pre and probiotics that contribute to the restoration of gut health, enzymes that help optimize digestion, and the anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories that I encourage all of my clients to consider.  The genius is in the delivery system, a three-part synergistic package that allows you to wake up, swallow two capsules, drink a delicious low-calorie shake, and slap a transdermal path on your skin.  That's it.  You're done for the day and the outcomes have been extraordinary.  This is, far and away, the best nutritional supplement program I have ever seen . . . and I've seen them all.  Set up a Customer Account and Learn More.  It's FREE.

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