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Right this very minute, get rid of all doubt.  If you're like most people, you've tried to be "better," attempted changing your diet, exercising differently, and making some lifestyle shifts.  What nobody ever told you was . . . you were attempting to change with a flawed approach.  Once you connect with the TransGenesis truths, a whole new world of change opens up before you.  Perhaps for the first time ever, you become empowered to become your absolute best.  Imagine if it were possible to restore, modify, and virtually reprogram your own DNA.  It is . . . and you can.

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What is TransGenesis?

TransGenesis is an extraordinary change.  It's human alchemy, a virtual restoration of the essence of what makes you great.  That may sound a bit esoteric or mysterious, so in simple terms, it's a renewal of the innate programs you were born with.  Through six points of power (brain, immune system, gut, mind, spirit, and cell), using science-based exercise and nutritional strategies, you re-awaken the systemic processes of energy production, fat release, and metabolism, and you gain a true sense of power.  Quite simply, this simple process can change everything.  It might be referred to as "The Miraculous Science of Human Betterment."

The 21 Day Metabolic Reboot

Most people living in the civilized world of the 21st century have experienced an escalation in entropy, the “breaking down” of the body at a biochemical, physical, and cellular level.  While we are all equipped to live in Divine Health, interferences related to stress, stressors, toxins, environmental factors, and degrading nutritional supply and practice, creates Metabolic maladaptation, the underlying foundation of all chronic disease.  The Metabolic Reboot is a 21-Day Program, the “kick-off” of the TransGenesis process, that serves to restore Metabolic Balance, optimal energy production, and restoration of health.  When the mind and body are primed by experiencing metabolic betterment, the true evolution of a TransGenetic journey begins.


The 7 Day Metabolic Firestorm

Can you really see change, lasting change, in 7 days??!?  Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  This ingenious  breakthrough incorporating science-based nutrition and a revolutionary exercise technique works to break unnatural metabolic habits and kick-start fat burning and health restoration in a way most people find to be miraculous

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Be Better Academy

Be Better Academy was developed as an 8-month curriculum unmatched in its scientific foundation, unprecedented in its credibility, and most of all, unparalleled in the power it delivers to personal trainers. Although it now incorporates a number of course offerings, the Be Better Academy course still lies as its foundation.


Find out why"eating right and exercising" just hasn't paid off.  Learn why almost all of the advice statements that begin with "they say" are flawed and why the most abundance advice is riddled with mistruths and pitfalls. When you come to understand "The Fitness Truth," when you master the immutable principles that underlie all human transformation, you free yourself from frustration and discontent and enjoy the power of being in control.

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Science and Supplements

The arena of supplementation is every bit as confusing as the diet maze.  Having been involved in research, manufacture, and marketing of cutting edge nutritional supplements for decades, Phil remains locked in on the science and the truth behind "what works" as an adjunct to supportive nutrition.

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