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Mold: An Insidious Invader and Destroyer of Health

Mold as a "Cause," the Insidious Culprit in Invisible Illness

by Phil Kaplan

In 2005 my life changed.  I was thrust into the unfamiliar world of being “the patient.”

It started during the 2005 Hurricane Season, when a fierce storm named Wilma blew the roof off of my Corporate Headquarters.  It was flooded and everything within the four walls was ruined.

Two weeks after the storm, contractors were busy in the building tearing out rotting drywall and carpet and a new roof was being constructed.  Eight months later, the space looked phenomenal, everything brand new.

Well, almost everything.*

Weeks after the building was repaired, weird things started to happen.  It started with an unusual cough.  I wouldn’t feel it coming on, but when it hit it literally felt as if my lung wanted to come out of my mouth.  It would sometimes knock me off of my feet.  Literally.

I went to a pulmonologist.  He told me I had emphysema.  He...

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