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BPC – 157: A Therapeutic Remedy for Mind, Gut . . . and Body!


As I pursue the science of anti-aging and its associated strategies and hacks, we have to consider "protection" and "recovery" related to joint injuries, whether they begin as acute or they're simply the result of years of wear and tear, and this remarkable peptide-chain may have a solid place in your overall human optimization program.


In 1998 I was privy to eye-opening research related to the value of varied oligopeptides in recovery and anabolism when consumed post-workout.  The research concluded that consumption of di-peptides and tri-peptides in a 50%-50% ratio brought the greatest outcome in optimizing both recovery and muscle growth.

We’re all very aware of proteins as macronutrient structures made up of amino acids, and in a macro sense, we attempt to calculate how much protein we should consume to optimize training outcomes.  The science gets really interesting when we look, not only at the proteins themselves,...

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