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Human Transformation & Healing - Are Miracles Possible?

fat loss mindset Jul 28, 2022

Miracles occur in regeneration and restoration of human form and function when modern science meets ancient healing wisdom.

“I can’t believe it” is a common expression my clients excitedly spout out after achieving precisely what they once identified as a desire.  I find it heartwarming, but also a bit comical.

Why would I see an expression of joy as comical?

I don’t.  It isn’t the joy I find comical, it’s the revelation that they didn’t believe the outcome was possible, at least not initially.  At some point they took a leap of faith and the leap itself prompted belief change.

My programs have been changing bodies and lives for decades.  Thousands of bodies and lives over the course of three decades to be precise.  And the miracles continue.  Let’s understand, before we go on, what a miracle is.

Miracle. It suggests that something happened that was not only unexpected, it was somehow divine, as in the...

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