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Dying to Lose Weight All Over Again

by Phil Kaplan

In my list of 8 Reasons for Weight Loss failure, I include, as #2, “People rely on a drug or supplement to serve as a solution.”

I'll share some powerful insights in this blog post and provide you with additional resources if  you seek to understand  further.

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The allure of a weight loss drug rivals the allure of muscle-building cheesecake or a fragrance that makes you irresistibly attractive. 

All 3 seductive offers (fat burning drugs, food that has a muscle-building effect, and pheromone products that have suitors lining up to win you over) have found their way into the marketplace, and the simple truth is . . . as far as a consumer payoff, it just ain’t happnin’.

Of the three, magic foods, sexually...

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Oh, Oh, Oprah - Ozempic

by Phil Kaplan

Last week I told you about our breakthrough Affordable 14-Day Metabolic Fat Loss Program, IMPACT14, and in the same week word got out. 

Oprah’s on Ozempic.

One of those two options (IMPACT14, Ozempic) will help people restore health and metabolic excellence, the other will leave a great many disappointed with varied levels of regret.

I’ll say nothing about Oprah and her weight loss journey.  It’s clear she’s one of the most influential icons in the world with one of the most public struggles in that arena, but I’ll also ask you to stop and think before you join the “Oprah did it so it must be good” club.

Ozempic, Wegovy, Mounjaro, and the like are NOT magic weight loss solutions, they do come with risks, and I encourage anyone, before considering usage, to first learn what a “black box warning” is, and secondly, to read the package materials that accompanies these “new” drugs.

Here, according...

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Gimme Drugs Gimme Drugs

Have Americans Given Up Their Own Power?

by Phil Kaplan


Want drugs?

Yellowstone Park, Forest Hills, NY, circa 1976. 

Jamie sold quaaludes. 

Micky was the weed dealer (he usually had Acapulco Gold). 

Crackerjack sold hash and sometimes had baggies full of Dexadrine.

And then there was a section where powders and the dangerous stuff could be found.

Cars would pull in, folks of all shapes, colors, and sizes would reach out their windows, buy their drugs, and car engines would roar as they’d head off to concerts, gatherings, parties, and whatever the weekend held in store.

Every once in awhile a police car would pull in, everyone would disperse, and 20 minutes later business would resume.

As the buyers pulled away with their merchandise they were fulfilled.

They could now have fun.  They had their drugs.

I was 16.  Not yet old enough to drive, but I went along as a passenger (had a crush on a girl named Gail who was a regular at...

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