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Can Arthritis Be Cured?

by Phil Kaplan


It usually starts with aching joints.

“My knees hurt when I get out of the car after a long drive.”

“My shoulders and elbows ache when I put the grocery bags in the trunk.”

“My hands hurt when I make my juice in the morning and I’m really stiff when I get out of bed”

These insidious clues to a progressing arthritic condition aren’t usually cause for alarm, but the disease is progressive and as more joints become affected or pain and stiffness worsen, the search for solutions leads to medical diagnosis, and while arthritis is thought of as both commonly manageable, conventional medicine, including docs at Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, and Cleveland Clinic will perpetuate the belief that the condition isn’t curable.

That doesn’t mean the prognosis is dismal.  It just means their approach is to manage the condition using means such as medications, therapies, and treatments that may mitigate...

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