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The Monster on Your Bathroom Floor

by Phil Kaplan


On Thursday, July 25, at 7 PM,
I’ll be conducting a 90-minute online seminar
sharing insight about weight loss, betterment,
and health that you’ve never heard before. 

The webinar will open with “the 8 Reasons for Weight Loss Failure.”


You can get the complete list here:



In this BLOG POST I’ll explain the first of the eight Reasons.




You Focus on Weight, in Partnership with the Evil Devious Scale!


In most cases, with most things, we cannot establish a blanket determination as to whether the thing is good or bad, benevolent or evil.

Want some examples?


Alcohol, good or bad?  Hmmm.  Not a simple answer.




Sometimes the judgment will come from experience, other times from circumstance.

Whether ice cream, bananas, heat, or cold are good or bad “depends.”

There is one exception.

The object I’m...

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What's the Deal with B12?


At Infinite Impact, in our arsenal of tools and therapies, we include B12 injections. 

In people who present B12 insufficiency, the outcomes are often profound. 

In healthy folks with B12 levels “in range” there may be a mix of some metabolic benefit and placebo.  Bodybuilders and endurance athletes often swear it contributes to recovery.


I believe three factors are making the question “do you offer B12” far more common.


  1. We’re actually seeing increased incidence of B12 insufficiency in specific   (1) Adults over 60 (2) People of all ages with gastointestnal disorders

  2. More IV stores are opening and it’s gaining great awareness in the mainstream

  3. After COVID created a new awareness, the desire to take control of health has led many people to seek out IV Therapy as a supplemental player in their  immune health


As when anything hits the mainstream (or the internet) with promise of...

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Breathing, Peeing, and Sweating out Fat!

At Biohackers, Infinite IMPACT, and in the training facilities of all of my affiliated coaches, people are going through the Metabolic Reboot Program and losing fat.

All told, we’re talking about hundreds of pounds of fat leaving bodies every 21 days.

Inquiring minds and skeptics alike may ponder an enigmatic concern.

Where does fat go when its burned? 

After all, every student of physics knows, matter cannot be destroyed.  It can only be changed.

Are there globs of fat just floating around the universe?  Does it land on other unsuspecting people who then need their own journeys through the Reboot?  Is there a massive fat accumulation in the ocean forming an adipose island?

“Where does the fat go?” is a good question, and as all good questions it deserves a good answer.

Here’s the step-by-step for a “Rebooter.”

  1. By integrating lymphatic activity, cellular oxygenation, rapid and systemic muscular challenge and a careful...
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Red Light, Fat Loss, and Health. Legit or Scam?

Want to boost brain, energy, metabolism, and mood? 

OK, then get up early. 

Not just a little early.  I mean wake up when it’s still dark out, in the moments just before sunrise. 

Then stand outside naked and wait.

You’re slowly bathed in red-hued radiance, absorbing light energy that comes directly from the center of the solar system, directly from the natural heavens, directly from the sun.

I know.  You’ve heard bad things about the sun.  Sure, it illuminates the world and makes plants grow, but what about all the stories of sunburn and skin cancer?

Let’s begin by recognizing that the sun radiates a whole lot of electromagnetic energy and sunlight can be divided into three primary types, infrared, visible, and ultraviolet (we can include Gamma Rays and other invisible photo-energies, but for our purposes, lets' stick to the three).

When we consider "three different types" of sunlight, we begin to see a distinction, and with...

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Your Appetite. Are you a Victim or the Creator?

“No matter what I do I can’t lose weight.”

It’s a fair conclusion after a series of failed attempts.  It aligns with another oft-concluded mantra.

“Nothing works.”

Both statements find followers, hard-core advocates of the truth behind the words, and the habitual thinking of those words is certain to ensure they’re proven valid.


So let’s change the belief!  Then we can change the outcome!

Reactively creating subtle but controlling self-talk is precisely how people become victimized by flawed attempts, misinformation, and all-out fraud in the arena of “weight loss.”

The perceived failure creates thoughts of “can’t,” thoughts of limitation, and the mental “looping” of the false conclusions cement these thoughts into an ever-increasing belief.

The real problem lies not in the ability or lack of ability to lose weight, but rather in...

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