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7 Dangerous Aging Mistakes (Fix #5 At Once)!

Uncategorized Sep 05, 2020

Excessive ultraviolet radiation, smoking, and excessive alcohol consumption are the obvious ones, so we begin by assuming that you’re already aware they contribute to premature aging.  The more subtle mistakes are those most people dismiss as “not optimal” but fail to see as direct contributors to aging.

It isn’t “aging” that we’re uncomfortable with, but rather the unsightly, disempowering, and health risk symptoms of degeneration that we want to right against.  You’ll be thrilled to know, after we get to the list of mistakes, I’ll invite you a webinar where you’ll learn to restore youth.  For real.

With that as an introduction, these are the WORST mistakes that accelerate aging.

1. Ignoring Chemical Compounds In Your Skin Cream

Moisturizing creams, including those with names that promise age-protection, make-up, hair products, deodorants, shave gels, and skin cleansers, are notorious for relying upon chemical compounds as ingredients that increase shelf-life, texture, skin-feel, and fragrance.  The number of common ingredients that have proven to interrupt normal hormonal regulation, contribute to inflammation, and compromise cellular health.  These include (to name just a few) parabens, phthalates, coal tar dyes, petroleum compounds, and formaldehyde.  Go through your products, check the labels, get rid of anything with chemical names you don’t recognize, and slow down the biological aging process.

2. You Thought Exercise Was Good For Stress

Yes, exercise is good, but let’s understand why.  According to General Adaptation Theory, we “stress” our muscular, respiratory, and circulatory systems enough to force adaptation, a process where we increase strength, function, and lean body mass.  The important piece of this that bears understanding, exercise is stress.  We “heal” and “improve” during recovery.  For those who are living their lives in chronic stress, a sporadic or intense workout increases “stress load,” strains the innate recovery systems, and leads to cellular breakdown (aging).

3. You Take a Little Somethin' to Help You Sleep

I've met with a whole lot of busy active people who rely on caffeine and stimulants during the day and a little prescription bottle at night.   Drug me up, tranquilize me down.  And so it goes, day after day after "speeding the aging process" day.

This may surprise you but . . . research indicates significant links between sleep deprivation and disease.  Studies demonstrate the progression of chronic disease, hypertension, and heart disease among those who fail to get regular adequate sleep.  Although the absence of sleep may not, in and of itself, be a direct accelerator of aging, sleep and the recovery state allow us to stay in a state of health.  Without a nightly return to homeostasis, we increase the likelihood and progression of obesity, depression, and immune dysfunction.  Maybe you know this, and that's why you pop that little pill at midnight.  Here's the important caveat.  Sleep meds may force a state of unconsciousness but do not restore the natural healing and anti-aging state of natural sleep cycles.  The alteration of central nervous stimulation and unnatural sleep may lure you into thinking it's all working just fine.  As you get older.  Faster.

4. Everything in Moderation

"Everything in moderation" sounds reasonable, but if I substituted the word "cocaine" for "everything," most people (not all) would disagree with it being sound advice.  Before I discuss sugar, which I will in a moment, I have to introduce the concept of glycation, which is a predominant factor in the breakdown of your body.  Glycation, by way of simple explanation, might best be described as sugar molecules running amok binding with amino acids.  This deteriorative process may interfere with protein synthesis, break down tissue and cause systemic dysregulation.  While we all know the links between sugar and obesity, even those in comfortable weight ranges who consume simple sugars regularly are likely to speed “glycation,” and with that the unwanted symptoms of premature aging.  While you need not lead a Spartan lifestyle and never consume a morsel of sugar, the idea that "some here and some there" is going to keep you in optimal health is simply . . . fake news.

5. Worrying . . . and Recycling Cortisol 

“Stress Load” is a term we use to describe “the sum total of stressors imposed upon a body during a given period or moment in time.”  Stressors include elements of physical stress, toxic stress, environmental stress, and emotional stress.  Far too many cross what we might call the Adrenal Stress Threshold where individual Stress Load exceeds the body’s ability to recover.  In this state of impending "fight or flight," adrenal output of the stress hormone cortisol becomes excessive and chronic.  This is a perfect storm type recipe for rapid aging.  Under the direction of a misdirected hypothalamus (the control center of the brain that drives the pituitary and adrenal to shift into overload), oxidation, inflammation, and hormonal dysregulation amplify tissue breakdown and cellular deterioration.   By replaying worry, emotional stressors, and thoughts of anxiety over and over you create “neural loops” that keep you in a stressed state and ensure negative movement along the disease continuum.  Bottom line . . . stop worrying if you want to slow down the aging clock and find ways to experience gratitude, peace, and tranquility as recurring emotional states.  Of all of the 7 Mistakes, this is the one that will have the greatest negative impact if it isn’t corrected since it amplifies the destructive power of all of the others.

6. Eating Processed Foods Labeled “Natural” or “Healthy”

 Consuming a diet high in flour and refined grains, even if the end-products are labeled as “healthy breads” or “natural pasta” contribute to the inflammatory response and to varying degrees may drive intestinal inflammation, gut imbalance, cellular inflammation, and immune dysfunction.  When the gut biome is affected, it limits our ability to use quality nutrients to support or maintain health and when the immune system becomes corrupted, it may begin to subtly attack healthful tissue, creating systemic degeneration and speeding the onset of the symptoms of aging.  Not good.  Better choices are in order for those seeking lasting youth!

7. Letting “a little weight” Creep Up

 Whether it's after a vacation, after a competitive season, or . . . during a Shelter at Home order in the midst of a Pandemic, when we start to accumulate fat, especially in the abdominal region, we amplify our potential for the creation of cytokines.  In a state of health, cytokines are vital immune system agents that benevolently drive inflammation to heal wounds and injuries.  When the immune system is set on high alert by elevated stress load, poor nutrition, or a combination of already mentioned factors, it begins to drive the creation of visceral fat cells.  Unlike the fat cells that lie under the skin, visceral fat cells inhabit the space around the internal organs and the abdominal region and they become malevolent cytokine factories, literally cranking out drivers of cellular inflammation.  This creates a cycle of systemic stress followed by a greater predisposition for fat storage and weakens the metabolism, body, and cell progressively.  Stay lean to stay young . . . or get lean to get young!


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