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The 8 Challenges of Fat Loss - Gone!

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2020

The 8 Challenges of Fat Loss

I write this on the heels of the release of my 7-Day Metabolic Reboot, a one-week-long program that has demonstrated the most remarkable results I’ve ever seen.

While I’ve always maintained that anyone can find betterment, and that those who fail do so either because they’re misinformed or applying a flawed approach, I’ve come to absolutely without any question evidence, with this 7 day program, that weight loss resistance is fixable.  The greatest blockage is . . . the spreading of false belief.

I’m going to invite you to experience the 7-Day Reboot for the same absurdly affordable price I presented to my inner circle (ALIVE Connection Members) but only for a short time.  I want you to overcome any false beliefs, to shut down any blockages or stone-wall excuses, and really see how “fixable” your present condition is.

Before I make the offer (yes, of course you can just scroll down), I want to share the 8 “thoughts” that lead people to mistakenly believe “this fat loss thing is hard.”

1. It takes too long

If you believe you have to live a Spartan Lifestyle for months on end, if you believe the sacrifice of pleasure has to be lengthy and extreme, and if you believe a long-term commitment to a regimented exercise and eating plan is required . . . I don’t blame you for avoiding that commitment.  Here’s the truth.  You’ll see change in 7 days.

2. You have to starve

As I walk you through three phases of nutrition, that starvation myth will be so deeply buried you’ll never find it again!

3. Exercise time and intensity are hard to maintain when you also have a life

How about a program that starts with 9 minutes of exercise a day, adjusts to your psychology, fitness level, and exercise history, and fuels your life with energy, vitality, and power?

4. Nothing works like it says it will

What “works” proves itself, not because of hype, marketing, infomercials, or Shark Tank, but because the Creator or Nature granted the human being with innate powers including those of healing, balance, and metabolism.  All I’ll teach you to do is restore those powers, and you can be sure . . . that “works!”

5. It’s hard to know which diet is the right one

Diet trends are driven by a pendulum swing.  Everyone went to grains, until they were told carbs are bad, then they went to protein.  When “they” (whoever they are) started dissing protein, the followers went vegan.  Now, after everyone learned that forks are better than knives, and plant-based offers the keys to the universe, Paleo and Carnivore are emerging as front runners.  The truth is, the best “diet” is not a diet at all, but rather a “circadian plan” that operates within the rhythms and seasons of your body, and when you come to understand Circadian Nutrition, you’ll never ever seek out a diet again.

6. I crave sugar and don’t want to give up the foods I love

 You’ve created a true dopamine-driven addiction because of the manner in which you’ve been eating, and that condition of erratic bouts between craving and satiety can be reversed, healed, and eliminated in 3 days.  You won’t ever have to give up the foods you love, but you ma be surprised by what you come to love to eat.

7. Real solutions are too expensive

 My Reboot programs can run upwards of $1200, and I stand behind that value 1,000%, however, in this moment, you’re going to respond to an unimaginably affordable offer for the program that changes everything.

 8. I have trouble finding the discipline

 Excessive exercise requires discipline.  Deprivation of food requires discipline.  Extreme effort with little reward requires discipline.  It’s easy, if you’ve experienced any of those things, to mistakenly believe discipline is an extraordinary gift granted only to a rare few.  The reality is, when a program is fun, empowering, and when it makes you feel amazing, discipline just shows up.  Miraculously.  It’s easy to stick to something you love.

The ONLY Real Challenge is getting to the truth, finding a technology of change that works to reverse the all-too-common conditions of Weight Loss Resistance, blood sugar irregularities, thyroid imbalances, and adrenal stress.  That challenge is behind you.

If you’ve never experienced the true power of owning your metabolism, I assure you it’s only because nobody ever showed you how to restore your innate power.


Get the 7 Day Metabolic Reboot for an absurd price, but act now.  When 350 programs are sold, this offer will be withdrawn. 

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