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Breathing, Peeing, and Sweating out Fat!

At Biohackers, Infinite IMPACT, and in the training facilities of all of my affiliated coaches, people are going through the Metabolic Reboot Program and losing fat.

All told, we’re talking about hundreds of pounds of fat leaving bodies every 21 days.

Inquiring minds and skeptics alike may ponder an enigmatic concern.

Where does fat go when its burned? 

After all, every student of physics knows, matter cannot be destroyed.  It can only be changed.

Are there globs of fat just floating around the universe?  Does it land on other unsuspecting people who then need their own journeys through the Reboot?  Is there a massive fat accumulation in the ocean forming an adipose island?

“Where does the fat go?” is a good question, and as all good questions it deserves a good answer.

Here’s the step-by-step for a “Rebooter.”

  1. By integrating lymphatic activity, cellular oxygenation, rapid and systemic muscular challenge and a careful manipulation of macronutrients we prompt stubborn adipose material (fatty acids) to leave fat cells and enter the bloodstream.


  1. As we create a condition Rebooters come to understand and master (mitochondrial hunger), amplified volumes of free fatty acids are shuttled into the mitochondria of muscle cells where they become the fuel for ATP synthesis (energy production).


  1. As captured fatty acids to through cellular combustion, they are converted into carbon dioxide and water.


  1. The carbon dioxide is expelled through your breath, the water is disposed of when you pee or sweat.


So, here’s the answer.  Do the Metabolic Reboot and you’ll breathe, pee, and sweat out your fat!

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