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Could the Fountain of Youth Be Real?

REMARKABLE CHANGES will take place in your body, brain, energy, and life over the 8 Weeks of the Groundbreaking “Younger, Better, Stronger” Program.  And, if you are ready to move beyond your own inner resistance, your own blockages and doubts, and step into a future of youthfulness, you can participate in this 8-week odyssey of dramatic change.  For FREE.

I know, I know, this sounds so infomercially, but stay with me.  I promise you something special.  Let's start with some very low-pressure what ifs.

What if it were possible to:

  • Reverse the annoying, heartbreaking, and debilitating symptoms of aging.
  • Alleviate joint pain, physical compromise, and reverse dis-ease
  • Restore the energy you remember from your teenage years
  • Clear up brain fog, restore vitality, libido, and cognition, and master the innate power of healing

I understand it sounds fantastical. 

It is. 

Fantastical . . . and true!  Let's, right now, go on a very short journey back in time, and then I'll invite you to the most insane irresistible most life-shifting opportunity you've seen this year (OK, so we're less than 20 days in . . . but still . . . it's an amazing offer).

Let's pose a question that's been asked for millennium.


Way way back, about 500 years B.C., Greek wise-man Herodotus wrote of a spring, where the magical waters endlessly flowed, and he explained that any human who drinks from this spring and bathes in its waters receives the gift of eternal youth.

The story endured until about 2000 years later, Ponce De Leon became obsessed with finding this Fountain of Youth and set sail.  Somehow, after discoveries and adventures in Cuba, Bimini, and throughout the Caribbean, this adventurous Spanish Conquistador found himself convinced, the mythical spring was flowing right here, in Florida!

Although he cannot be accused of failing to live life to the fullest, Ponce DeLeon left this earth shy of his 50th birthday, so it’s fair to assume he never found the object of his desire (although some say he’s secretly living in this century under the moniker Justin Bieber).

Getting Younger has been a human fascination ever since . . . well, ever since aging began (or at least since Erectile Dysfunction, Crepe Skin, and Brain Fog become a thing).  From the days of Herodotus to Boca Raton becoming the Botox hub of America, the want for rejuvenation was a human hunger.

Fictional icons such as Benjamin Button, Peter Pan, and Tom Hanks’ character in the movie Big all draw us in by playing into our deep-rooted fantasy . . . to be younger. 

What if we can reverse aging? 

What if it has nothing to do with a fountain?

What if the answer is one that became clear only after the 21st century scientific community came to understand DNA restructuring, stem cell regenesis, carbon cages, concurrent oxygen delivery and free radical neutralization, and homeostatic healing?

Science Fiction writers capitalized on their own fascination with reverse-aging by creating recent works such as Rewind, Rollback, Hyperion, and we might as well include a few episodes of the old Twilight Zone series.  In the Sci-Fi works, we’re lifted above reality to, in our minds, experience intriguing stories of humans who find ways to “become younger.”  But then, as the credits roll or we close the book, we remind ourselves, “it’s just science fiction.”

Hold on to your hat, or seat belt, or chair, or dog, or loved one, or whatever is keeping you grounded.  Things are about to get exciting. 

Rejuvenation, Rewinding, Recomposing, and reversing biological age are no longer science fiction.  They’re science!

Yes, science has uncovered secrets, strategies, and integration of movement, thought, and nutrition systems to literally reverse aging.

Here’s where it gets even better. 

We don’t need expensive procedures, mega-technology devices, injections, or month-long trips to Fiji. 

We simply need “a system.”  A “program” that incorporates the revelations of modern science with some of the age-old wisdom Chinese Medicine masters, Tibetan Monks, and the early purveyors of our present medical system, Hippocrates, Asclepius, and Socrates knew way before “medicine” married Pharmaceutical Companies.

The information on restoring mitchondrial integrity, regenerating connective tissue, and restabilizing hormones is available, the evidence is solid, but nobody has ever put all of the pieces together before.

Until now. 

My Younger, Better, Stronger Program is the integration of The Secrets, The Wisdom, and The Divine Magic that underlies restoration of health and rejuvenation of your biology.  You'll gain a new sense of control over metabolism, mood, body composition, weight, energy, and mental acuity.

The program is a bargain at its $499 price (with a money back guarantee of satisfaction) but I’m not sharing this to offer you a bargain.  I’m sharing this to invite you to experience this complete program, from home, for FREE.

The only catch is (aha, so there is a catch!), you will enroll as an ALIVE Connection Member (a minor catch at best, in fact, more like an opportunity).  The membership gives you access to thousands of dollars’ worth of programs, webinars, downloads, chats, videos all empowering people from around the planet to become their absolute best.  As of January 18, 2021, all registered ALIVE Connection Members will get the Younger Better, Stronger Program for FREE!

Is there a charge for the membership?  Yup.  $25 per month.  Cancel at any time.  No further catch, no further anything.

If you’re tired of recognizing “aging” in your own life, if you long for the ease of movement, the energy, the mental acuity, and the power you had years ago, I promise this is absolutely without question, the greatest value you will ever have the opportunity to take advantage of!

The $499 price will be for the virtual program.  For those who opt to go through the program live, in person, with my personal coaches, it will run as high as $2600 (still a bargain) and in Summer 2021 (once we’re on the other side of COVID), 3-day weekend workshops will run $6500.

Just to be clear . . . you get the entire program free! 

I’ll coach you, via weekly live webinars, presentations, downloads, and guides to ensure you can master the movements, the eating, and the simple but vitally important lifestyle shifts.  We’ll cover meditations (3 minute meditations!), life-force energy, healing, and “flow.”  The program is simple, it is not restrictive, and the exercise sessions are modest and thoroughly invigorating.

After January 18, this offer will become a part of history, swimming off into the proverbial sunset with Ponce DeLeon.  From that point forward people will invest anywhere from $499 - $6500 for the same program you can experience now by investing only $25 per month.

I can keep going, playing up the value of the private Facebook Group, the elite coaches you’ll meet and learn from, the clarity you’ll gain related to the confusions of dieting and nutrition, but . . . it’s time.  For you to simply enroll in the ALIVE Connection Membership and put the program to the test.

Join Now!


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