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Get Young Again


The Human Phenomenon of Getting Younger

A Thrilling Report Revealing That “Un-Aging” is Possible

by Phil Kaplan


After years of research, study, and application, we’re seeing clear evidence of “re-genesis,” of human bodies generating new biologically younger cells.


Think about what I just said. 

You can get younger. 

That, my friend, is powerful.

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Let’s now begin with clarity so nothing I’m about to share seems like hype or exaggeration.  From the days of Ponce DeLeon’s exploration seeking the Fountain of Youth, men and women have fantasized of finding an elixir, a remedy for “getting old.”

Consider this . . .

If the body you live in begins to produce biologically younger cells, you begin to separate chronological age (the number of days in your lifetime during which people sang Happy Birthday to you) from cellular age.

In other words, if the Divine intelligence within you begins to create cells, organs, and tissues that are identical to those it created 10 years ago . . . well . . . I’ll say it again . . .

. . . you get Younger!

Theoretically, if you accept my opening premise, you can be 45 years of age in the body of a 30 year old.  Staying with this theory, someone who might have experienced 75 years on Planet Earth might wake up each day in a body that biologically proves younger than 50.

This isn’t science fiction.  Not anymore.  This is real.


The Human Genome Project, advances in understanding stem cells, Regenerative Medicine, and Anti-Aging Science have all come together to take us to a new level of understanding.  Aging, as we’ve come to know and accept it, isn’t an absolute.  It’s an option, or perhaps . . . a mistake.

The mystery of how and why bones become brittle, skin begins to wrinkle, performance suffers, and muscle is cannibalized in those of advancing age is a thing of the past.  Scientists have revealed the processes, reasons, and complexities that drive this degeneration.

We’re now clear on the direct and indirect “causes” of age-related decline.  There are 5 Primary “Reasons” why cellular programs dysregulate, and why we lose structure, efficiency and function.  I’ll name them.

  1. Oxidation
  2. Glycation
  3. Methylation
  4. Chronic Inflammation
  5. Hormonal Deregulation

When we understand the causes of anything considered problematic, we gain power.  With understanding and clarity we can direct our energies toward identifying a series of procedures and blueprints for minimizing the impact of the injurious factors, in this case the 5 innate biological processes I just identified.

While I do address all 5 of those causal factors in seminars, webinars, and in my Younger, Better, Stronger Program, I won’t delve into any of them herein.  Instead I’ll simply move forward with a statement, a question, and a promising answer to that question.


First, the statement.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, we can prevent or slow the degeneration commonly accepted as “normal aging.”


Now the question, and it’s a big one.

Once a human body has started to face entropy (break down), can we reverse that breakdown and regenerate stronger, healthier organs, systems, and cells? 


The answer is yes (I told you the answer would be promising).

Yes, we can slow or even reverse the degradation our bodies and cells are subject to, and our power begins to take shape when we recognize our ability to slow, resist, or counter cellular entropy.


The science is extensive.  By stimulating mitochondrial autophagy, restoring cellular integrity, activating specific transcription factors, reversing cytokine escalation, restoring hormonal balance, and mitigating the inevitable cellular damage initiated by singlet oxygen molecules (free radicals), we can stimulate the human machine to not only slow “de-generation” but also to increase “re-generation.”  We can initiate or recover cellular programs that directly impact the regulation of chromosomes and telomeres.   We can “re-set” genetic switches and override installed cellular programs that might have prompted a predisposition to an early onset disease.

While all of this sounds promising, I'll go a step further.  We can accurately measure your body's age, and it need not come anywhere close to your chronology.  For decades I've relied upon "standards and norms" to look at biomarkers and assessments using highly advanced algorithms to plug in measures of heart rate, blood pressure, body composition, strength, flexibility, and oxygen uptake to determine where an individual stands, "age-wise" among others in our population.  Now science has allowed us to go light years further.   Using blood or urine, we can now examine mitochondrial strength, telomere length, and stress markers to firmly establish clinically significant cellular age, and in line with everything I've said thus far, it is without question that we can "reverse" the clock both in the macro and in the cell.

I'll show you how you can start "un-aging" by revealing 7 Keys.

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