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Gimme Drugs Gimme Drugs

Have Americans Given Up Their Own Power?

by Phil Kaplan


Want drugs?

Yellowstone Park, Forest Hills, NY, circa 1976. 

Jamie sold quaaludes. 

Micky was the weed dealer (he usually had Acapulco Gold). 

Crackerjack sold hash and sometimes had baggies full of Dexadrine.

And then there was a section where powders and the dangerous stuff could be found.

Cars would pull in, folks of all shapes, colors, and sizes would reach out their windows, buy their drugs, and car engines would roar as they’d head off to concerts, gatherings, parties, and whatever the weekend held in store.

Every once in awhile a police car would pull in, everyone would disperse, and 20 minutes later business would resume.

As the buyers pulled away with their merchandise they were fulfilled.

They could now have fun.  They had their drugs.

I was 16.  Not yet old enough to drive, but I went along as a passenger (had a crush on a girl named Gail who was a regular at Yellowstone) and the transactions were fast and discreet. 

Nobody asked for I.D.   Nobody swiped credit cards or entered their PINs.  In fact, nobody even knew what a PIN was.

It was just a gathering of merchants and customers.

We called Jamie, Micky, Crackerjack, and the short dude with the anchor tattoo and the ripped up denim jacket with the sleeves cut off “dealers.” 

People went to dealers to buy drugs to feel good.

I'm guessing most of those "customers" grew up to live productive lives.  They came from Bayside, Whitestone, Little Neck, and Flushing.  They weren't bad.  They were just seeking a bit of a high in an era where it was, as I saw it, the weekend norm.

I wonder where those people are today?  Successful?  I hope so.  Happy?  I believe many or most are.  Medicated?  Yup.  I'm sure of it.  Their bodies changed, their priorities changed, and the world changed.  And I'd guess in most cases their kids are medicated, and in some cases, their grandkids are medicated.

It's a different world, one where drugs have gone from a recreational weekend party to a perceived need.

"Dad's on a statin and metformin, adult child is on Synthroid and Wellbutrin, and teen is on Adderall."

That's now the norm.

Today, there’s no need for drive by purchases in a park.  The days of Mickey and Crackerjack are long gone. 

Weed is sold in dispensaries.  And everything else is sold . . . well . . . everywhere.

In Walgreens the buyers line up like zombies.  They come every 30 days.  Or more.

They also fill the drive through lane.  It's not all that much different than a Yellowstone drive-by purchase except there's a window and a thing they slide toward you to insert your credit card.

The customers keep coming.

“Give us drugs.  Give us drugs.”

Some get 60 day supplies, others get bags full of multiple prescription bottles, some get liquids or prefilled syringes.

No more noisy mufflers.  The drive away is far more subtle.

“Yay, we have our drugs.”

Am I being facetious?


"Gimme Drugs.  Gimme Drugs."

The moms who are living on Lexapro, the high pressured execs need their Xanax.  They come for their Omeprozole, their prozac, and their pain pills.

The Gimme Drugs Gimme Drugs line I keep repeating comes from an old episode of a 1970's sitcom called Welcome Back Kotter.  A young John Travolta was pretending to be a drug addict.  And with a bent over posture, he recited the mantra (people of a certain age will remember).

Gimme Drugs.  Gimme Drugs.

It's gone beyond a laughable scene from a comedic TV show.  It's really become an American mantra, and it's outrageous. 


For true fulfillment and lasting health, people need to understand their own power and step into the wonder of natural health.  God given health.  Alertness.  Joy.  Productivity.  These are gifts of the Universe, not outcomes delivered by drugs.

What prompted me to go on this mild rant?

I wrote a couple of articles about Ozempic and despite my revealing of the less-talked about risks (gastroparesis, pancreatitis, thyroid tumors, cannibalization of lean body mass, metabolic slowdown, and weight regain) people are asking me where they can get it!?!?!!

The pharmacies are out of Wegovy and Ozempic.  The pharmacists are concerned because diabetic patients who are led to believe the drugs are necessary for their health “can’t get the drugs.”

Even the compounding pharmacies are short in supply of semaglutide, the primary ingredient in this new breed of weight loss medication.

The supply is short, but the people keep coming.

“Give us drugs.  Give us drugs”


While I realize and readily acknowledge that cardiorespiratory meds, meds that prevent life-threatening episodes, and those that mitigate severe episodic outbreaks are vitally important, those aimed at weight loss, management of acquired hypothyroid conditions, and blood sugar elevations can be well complemented or replaced by everything we offer here at Infinite Impact!

If you have discomfort with your body, parts of your body, the result of an injury, or you’re experiencing chronic decline in health, I urge you to step through our doors and consider what might prove to be a short journey to your recovery, your healing, and a new you.

You don’t “need” a drug for weight loss, and despite the latest buzz, there isn’t a weight loss drug that’s a healthy choice for lasting results.

When you find that the true solution is within you, and when you come to realize that here, at Infinite Impact, we’ve mastered the solution, the search is over.

Don't limit your search to diets and drugs. 

You're looking under the wrong rocks. 

For our weight loss resistant patients and clients, we integrate full spectrum red light (including infra-red), cryotherapy (a remarkable boost in metabolism and improvement in recovery), hyperbaric oxygen (optimizes systemic aerobic processes such as lipolysis - fat loss), and more.  Our nutrition plans are not restrictive in the least.  They're science based and are fail-proof.  Our exercise strategy is simple and can be performed anywhere.  And by the way, if you do need meds, we have a full medical staff to lab test, assess, and prescribe when necessary.

Text me.  Really.  Just send me a text.  Tell me what you want (other than Ozempic, Wegovy, or Mounjaro).  Tell me the outcome you are seeking.  I’ll take you there.

Call me (561) 207-7092

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