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It's Not "the Thing," it's Synergy!

For years I started my seminars with two words.

 Nothing works.

It’s true.

If the goal involves improvement in health, metabolism, function, or performance, nothing works . . . in and of itself.

The key to achieving betterment through exercise and lifestyle is Synergy, the synergistic relationship between what you eat, what you do, what you think, and how you operate within the social, chemical, and natural environment.

It’s the flawed idea that  suggests “a thing” will fix Lyme Disease, chronic fatigue, obesity, diabetes, chronic pain, injury, or hypothyroidism that leads to polarization and ultimately flawed attempts.

"I ate a blueberry and I got COVID anyway!  Antioxidants don't work!"

Clearly that would be an absurd assumption, a false conclusion.  "The thing" doesn't singlehandedly do the job.

Flawed attempts result in false conclusions.  I can give you thousands of examples.  Such as . . . 

"I tried losing weight by consuming 800 calories a day of organic fruits and veggies so I conclude that “eating healthy” doesn’t work."

Governing agencies battle with practitioners and their claims of miraculous outcomes in an enteral back-and-forth weighing hope against quackery.

It's an ugly battle without any win for the health-wanting public.

Naysayers who habitually seek out pharmaceutical solutions and surgical procedures are often quick to downplay some of the  technologies finding their way into public forums.

“Hyperbaric Oxygen is a scam.  It doesn’t work.”

“Cryotherapy is nonsense.  It just makes you cold.”

I hear these daily. I understand why they're common beliefs.  And I know them to be untrue. 

Not a one of the new biohacks is the magic bullet, but here’s the key.



Nothing works in and of itself but . . .

a sound plan incorporating strategic exercise with progressive resistance, a sound nutrition program with a concern for metabolic (thermic) meals, a handful of supplements proven efficacious in optimizing elements of health, a protocol for recovery, and the incorporation of sunlight, enhanced oxygen delivery, and a restorative energy field can work wonders.


The paragraph above is a long one, but vitally important. 


It's truly the secret to reversing disease and restoring metabolism, tissue, and health.

The Synergy between these elements can literally lead to “re-creation” at a cellular level, at a systemic level, and at a lifestyle and performance level.

Dr. Comella and I launched our groundbreaking project, Infinite Impact, as a truly integrative facility, where we bring together elements of protocols that, without question, renew, recompose, and regenerate.  Not a one of our strategies “works” by itself to achieve stellar outcomes, but together the documented results set a new bar on what people believe to be possible..

While I know the overload of information finding its way to your search engine browser can be overwhelming, I also know that if you simply “experience” the integration, if you “try” feeling the power of Hyperbaric Oxygen, Red Light Therapy, and Acoustic Soundwave treatment in an environment staffed by educated like-minded professionals, you’ll know. 

You can renew, restore, and re-create!

You’ll know beyond any shadow of doubt, our approach to Human Betterment is legit, it’s powerful, and in the great majority of cases, it aligns with your own body’s desire to excel.

If you’re burdened with doubt, I’ll prove it to you.

Set up an appointment for a live interactive Experience.

We offer an Experience at Infinite Impact for a token price of only $79, and that first step has continually led to tears of joy, celebration, and dis-ease reversal from patients and clients from all walks of life.

This is a new Paradigm I’ve been spearheading for over 15 years, and its now come to fruition. 

Lots of people are stuck, confused, and disheartened by the limitations of conventional wisdom (a contradiction in terms) and the rituals of our tired and overworked medical system.

I want to break down the barriers.

If you live in South Florida, book your experience.

If you don’t, plan a trip.  Let’s connect, share your thoughts and challenges, and whether you’re invited to an event, a private session, a weekend workshop, or we consult on Zoom, you’ll gain a new perspective on your future.




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