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When Calories Don't Matter and Gluttony is King

When Gluttony is King

(of Metabolism That Is).


Thanksgiving Week.  Here’s a very real choice. 

(1) Enjoy the Thanksgiving Meal and move away from optimal health

(2) Enjoy the Thanksgiving Meal and Boost Metabolism in the Process

This isn’t a joke.  You really can make that choice. 

A significant body of evidence demonstrates some rather interesting facts. 

The average American will gain .5 kg of body weight  over the 24-hour period beginning at Noon on Thanksgiving Day.

Hull, H.R., Radley, D., Dinger, M.K. et al. 
The effect of the Thanksgiving Holiday on weight gain. Nutr J 5, 29 (2006).

That may not sound significant, but there are two factors based on peer-reviewed published studies that merit consideration.

Firstly, the weight gain, although minimal, isn’t “lost” after the holiday. 

Secondly, most will accumulate closer to 7 kg over the weeks to follow and will not lose it post-Holiday Season.  The cumulative weight gain over a number of years leads to a decline in health as documented by standard inflammation biomarkers.

Yanovski JA, Yanovski SZ, Sovik KN, Nguyen TT, O'Neil PM, Sebring NG.
A prospective study of holiday weight gain. N Engl J Med. 2000 Mar 23;342(12):861-7.




Yes, I said "PreTox." 

Imagine a Preventative Detox, but this is more.

For near 20 years I’ve been sharing a best-kept secret of my personal clients including some who connect their livelihoods to their bodies and appearances. 

I call it the Thanksgiving Pre-Tox. 

It’s an amazing science-based strategy that allows you, over 3 days, to condition your body to combust and metabolize the Thanksgiving Meal. 

With a PreTox Strategy,
Gluttony, This Thursday, becomes
A Metabolic Advantage.

I’m presenting the PRE-Tox Details in a LIVE WEBINAR tonight at 7 PM for my private ALIVE Group Members and Clients. 

I’m inviting you to attend FREE.  No catch.  Just register while available slots remain. 

As soon as you register you’ll receive, FREE, the following gifts:

  1. The Exclusive Thanksgiving PRETOX Manual (ebook)
  2. The Pretox Workout Routine
  3. The Metabolic Meals Recipe book

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Be Better, 

Phil Kaplan
Working to Help People Find Their Best
With Dr. Kristin Comella and the IMPACT Team


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