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The Problem With Thanksgiving . . . and the Metabolic "Fix!"

Uncategorized Nov 21, 2021

We love it, but we fear it.  After a long season of “sheltering” and “distancing,” it seems a great many people are preparing to celebrate the feast with people sitting together at the same table sharing turkey, stuffing, and pie. 

The indulgence, the bonding, the laughter, the connection, and the joy of humans stuffing their faces with foods that spike endorphins makes the entire experience a great one . . . unless the one uncle who has to argue about politics starts doing his thing, or the aunt who chews too loud happens to grab the chair next to you.  If that happens, stuff your uncle’s mouth with mashed potatoes, chew louder than Aunt Llama could ever hope to, and go back to the celebration.

OK, so the agitating Uncle and Loud-Chewing Aunt are annoyances, but where does the fear come in?  

There is a fear associated with gluttonous celebration. 

The Fear of Weight Gain. 

Nobody thinks of Thanksgiving as a time to rev up metabolism, kick fat burning into high gear, and power up your body for the year ahead. 

Nobody but me that is, and the 1600 people who are about to go through the Thanksgiving PRETOX with me (and you . . . I hope, as you’re invited).

In a moment, I’ll invite you to participate in the PreTox, a 60-hour (beginning tomorrow) strategy that does not involve excessive exercise, starvation, or anything resembling deprivation.  You move, you eat, you breathe, and you relax, with some very important elements that do amazing things to your gut, metabolism, and mindset.

You know what?  If that along prompted you to REGISTER, go ahead.  There’s a webinar tomorrow night, Monday, November 22, at 7 PM Eastern, and when you register you’ll get a bunch of FREE gifts.  There’s no cost.  It’s all FREE.  If you don’t want to read any further, there isn’t any need to.


For those who want to know more, who want to understand a bit about how this unbelievable promise of finding better fitness during the Holiday Season can be anything but fantasy, I’ll explain.

From a biological biochemical perspective, the problem with consuming a massive meal made up of proteins, fats, complex carbs, vegetables, sugars, and in many cases alcohol is the disruption that takes place in the stream of communication between the brain, the gut, the liver, and the endocrine system. 

If we could bypass or quickly recover from the disruption, the big meal wouldn’t be so costly.

In short, here are the co-factors that all come into play:

  • An excess of food all at once overwhelms the smooth muscle of the digestive tract and slows digestion
  • Excess of available nutrients entering the bloodstream for an extended period of time activates fat storage hormones
  • Alcohol and sugars overwhelm the pancreas and create a condition of insulin dominance, literally switching off glucagon, the hormone that release fat from adipose cells.
  • Extended periods of insulin dominance lead to an inevitable post-meal blood sugar drop which prompts neurotransmitters to cascade in a symphony of irresistible cravings (for fat and sugar)
  • Reduced activity combined with the endocrine system locked in “storage mode” drives excessive storage of glycogen in the liver
  • In a state of overwhelm, at glycogen capacity, the liver converts glucose to triglycerides increasing fatty acid circulation in the blood stream
  • This Perfect Storm of hormonal events creates acute weight loss resistance (which can turn chronic over time if homeostasis is not restored) and drives continued fat storage

So if that made any sense to you at all, you’ll realize there is a series of habitual actions and conditions repeated every year that make human Holiday gluttony so debilitating, and if a population enters an entire season focused on giant meals, cookies, parties, cocktails, and pie, the outcome can only be ugly, at least from a health perspective.

Now the great news.  The PreTox changes all of it!


  • Keep glycogen stores actively depleting and refilling in the days before “The Feast.”
  • In the days leading up to The Feast, consume nutrient dense meals containing proteins, good fats, and fibrous vegetables while minimizing digestive burden by limiting actual meals to a small window of time (Intermittent Eating).  This has nothing to do with deprivation or starvation, much the opposite
  • Cleanse the gut and intestinal lining (smooth muscle contraction and fiber) with an smoothie made of a blend of specific organic greens
  • Minimize liver burden (avoid alcohols, minimize frequency of meals, avoid high sugar, high carb, bad-fat meals)
  • Create mitochondrial hunger (high repetition resistance followed by brief cardio tapping the anaerobic threshold) in short duration exercise sessions

That’s an overview.  Now, if you want the entire plan broken into simplistic action steps, you’ll have to pay . . .

. . . NOTHING!  I’m gifting the PreTox to you for FREE!

If this article was difficult to fully understand, the PreTox truly does make it simple.  You get a concise Guide Book you can download immediately.   You get exercise routines for different levels of fitness on one-page summary sheets.  You get hundreds of meal optiosn in the downloadable Metboilc Meals Recipe Book.  You get a recording of the full “PreTox Prep Webinar” I conducted for my members and private clients.  And, you’re invited to attend tomorrow evenings LIVE Webinar at 7 PM.


You want a quick review of what you get for a total of zero dollars and zero cents?  OK.

  • REGISTRATION for The PreTox Webinar Monday, November 22 at 7 PM
  • The PreTox Guide Book download
  • The PreTox Workout Routine (for all levels)
  • The Metabolic Meals Recipe book ($39 value)
  • The Recording of last week’s private Webinar sharing the secrets of the PreTox for instant viewing

But wait, there’s more (I always wanted to say that)!

You’ll also join us in the Power, Potential, and PreTox Facebook group where my team of coaches, usually exclusive to my private members, will share insights, demos, and sessions ensuring you have support as you go through this very brief and life-altering program.  You can ask questions, share thoughts, and interact with 1,600 people from around the nation all PreToxing together.

OK.  That’s it.  Now it’s all on you.


See you on the Webinar tomorrow (7 PM Eastern)!

Phil Kaplan

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