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The Words That Ensure Health and Weight Loss Failure

Resolving the "But Problem"

by Phil Kaplan


There are pivotal moments before somebody’s future unfolds. 

In those precious moments, there’s the possibility of going down a path of health, vitality, and physical excellence, and then . . . there’s the other path.  The one that leads to discontent, frustration, and a complete loss of power.

When any man or woman is face-to-face with a legitimate solution to their physical ailments, their weight issues, or their diagnosed disease, a single word and one of 5 phrases eliminate any possibility of finding betterment.

Let’s start with the single word.


That’s It.

They all say “but,” followed by one of 5 phrases.  And then, in those celebratory cases where we get past the “but,” those cases where we share a combination of truth and power, the people transform. 


For the better.

I’m not talking about a little change.  I’m talking about reversal of the condition(s) the doctor told them they’ have forever, dismissal of the perceived need for “meds,” complete renewal, regeneration, and re-composition of their entire physical beings.


Do you have a “but” problem? 

It’s nothing to be ashamed of.  Most people do before beginning a course of pure betterment (and they aren’t aware of the problem until we get to the moment of “kicking their but” to the curb). 

If you  find you have a bigger "But Problem" than you realized . . . 

We can fix it

(those words will show up again shortly)!



I’m writing this on Friday, July 14, 2023, at 3:00 PM.  Today alone I’ve heard every one of the “5 Most Common” Non-Reasons people are plagued by when it comes to being “stuck” in bodies they wish they could improve upon.

What is a non-reason?  It’s a statement that allows them to find momentary peace in believing “they haven’t because they can’t” and so it creates reassurance that “stuck” is really their destiny.

They accept the phrase in question as a rational explanation to defend their perceived inability to improve.  Although it sounds, to their conscious mind, as if it’s a truth, it’s nothing more than a powerful lie.  A rational sounding lie.  Thus the term “rationalize” (rational lies).

Before I get to the 5 “phrases” uttered by the well-intentions folks who seek a renewal of metabolic health I want to make you a promise (here it comes again).


We Can Fix It!


Can we fix . . .

  • Weight Loss Resistance? Yes

  • Hypothyroid Conditions? Yes

  • Pre-Diabetes (or Type 2 Diabetes)? Yup

  • Chronic Pain? In all likelihood, we can prompt a dramatic reduction if not complete alleviation.


How do we do it?  With science, with a combination of integrated principles uniquely applied from the arenas of medicine, fitness, nutrition, mindset, biochemistry, energy medicine, and health.  A 9-minute routine, a simple movement for lymphatic release, red light therapy, a nutritional protocol that uses real food and has nothing to do with diet or deprivation, cryotherapy, PEMF, and more.

Is this vitally powerful multi-faceted approach common?  No!!!!  In fact, I don’t know anyone, anywhere, who does what we do. 

That’s why, when trying to describe our facility, Infinite Impact, it’s so hard to convey “what we are” in a word or sentence.  

We refer to ourselves as A Center for Human Betterment.  And that’s why we invite people in for an “experience” in order to help the not only “see,” but “feel” the difference between the momentary condition and the true potential of transformation.

Now, let’s get to the 5 “phrases” that precede failure, the 5 phrases that notoriously follow “the but.”



The 5 Perilous Phrases and Some Important Factors You Need to Know


 1. The Only Thing That Works For Me is Lots of Cardio and No Carbs


When people lose weight through extensive aerobic heart rate elevations, unless they are compensating for energy needs with energy substrates (adequate protein-sparing carbs and fats) and enhanced recovery (mitochondrial repair, deep restful sleep, extended homeostasis) they will inevitably begin to cannibalize (feed off of) muscle tissue.  Water weight and muscle weight combine in a carb-depleted state to create the illusion of lasting weight loss, and the inevitable result is a metabolic slowdown resulting in residual weight gain, a predominance of it from stored fat.  Repeated bouts with “aerobic and no-carb” lead to long term challenges that might ultimately be diagnosed as a hypothyroid condition.  This mindset is self-defeating, and when it’s replaced with an understanding of how to boost metabolism, fat release becomes consistent, ongoing, and lasting.  It’s also important to note that hormonal shifts occur during the low-carb diet period which may impact long term appetite and fat storage making the inevitable rebound a disheartening sense of being trapped (nothing else works other than the thing that I can’t sustain).

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2. The Doctor Says My A1C is High (impending diabetes) But I Can Reduce it By Just Eating Better


A1C is a fair measure of glycation over time, but it will not reflect immediate and short term improvements as it relies upon the 3-month lifespan of a blood cell.  When a hyperglycemic condition is identified, it usually represents a trending pattern of insulin resistance.  This isn’t “fixed” by “eating better” as the evolving condition is almost always accompanied by elevations in CRP (inflammation) and re-programming of metabolic energy patterns.  When a sound program of strategic exercise is integrated with anti-inflammatory measures, we can see drops in fasting blood glucose relatively quickly and an assessment of fructosamine levels is a better indicator of “short term trending” than A1C.  Our Metabolic Reboot program directly targets both reductions in inflammation and consistency and  stability of pancreatic hormones (insulin and glucagon) literally restoring the body to its innate energy programs and eradicating type 2 diabetes and its prediabetes predecessor.  The primary challenge among those who align with the “rational lie” is a varied and inconsistent understanding of “what eat better” means.  The Circadian Nutrition element of the Metabolic Reboot program takes any confusion out of eating for health and metabolic optimization.  Forever.

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3. My Thyroid is Normal With the Medication


Most thyroid medications are replacements for T4 or T3 (the “active” thyroid hormone that drives metabolism and energy production cycles).  When a hypothyroid condition is diagnosed, it is usually accompanied by alterations or irregularities in adrenal output.  The key to restoration lies, not in “replacing sub-normal hormones in the bloodstream,” but rather in restoring endocrine balance, primarily the balance between adrenal activity (sympathetic output) and recovery (parasympathetic return to balance).  Because the endocrine system is complex, and because you can’t exogenously “mess with” one hormone without affecting the cascade, the most effective resolution is to consider the source of the low-thyroid output.  Instead of “replacing” low hormone levels with medication, we should look “upstream” to find where in the relationship between the brain, pituitary, and adrenal-thyroid link a maladaptation is occurring.  The Metabolic Reboot program explains in depth the body’s willingness to adapt, sometimes in ways other than you consciously seek or recognize.  I commonly meet women who visit the doctor 90 days after being “put on thyroid meds” and they’re told they’re fine, yet they’re noticing more hair falling out in the brush, brittle nails, brain fog, energy irregularity, and a perceived inability to lose weight.  It’s also valuable to note that the GI tract and the gut biome are often in a correctable state of dysbiosis which is a factor in thyroid function. The Metabolic Reboot program is an ideal vehicle for restoring hormonal balance, repairing the gut  biome, and prompting a reversal of the maladaptation eliminating the perceived need for “thyroid meds.  The “normal” lab results in someone using exogenous (made outside of the body) thyroid hormones is simply a reflection of thyroid hormone levels in the blood with the addition of medication.  It does not reflect what your body is doing naturally, therefore, to say “with the meds your levels are normal” is a flawed statement.  It is not “normal” to “need” the drug to make numbers line up on a lab test.  You do have the innate power to restore “normal.”  The Metabolic Reboot releases that power.

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4. I Know What To Do, I Just Don’t Do It


We hear this every day. From people who don’t really know what to do.  They use flawed evidence (when I cut carbs I lost weight so that’s what I’m supposed to do) failing to consider or realize the long term ramifications.  Whether it’s “more fruit,” Keto, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Plant-Based, Carnivore, or any other diet du jour, if it were truly “what to do” you wouldn’t be searching.  This rational lie prevents people from letting their guard down and learning precisely why their past attempts failed, stacking up some new “A-ha’s” and finding a lasting solution.  Nobody wants to be told they’re wrong (understandably), so it takes a bit of courage to step away from limiting beliefs and open up to new possibility.  That said, “new possibility” is precisely what you need if you’re burdened by the self-incriminating “I know but I just don’t.”  When you get it right, you do it, and you love it, and as I’ve witnessed, you share it with others who thought they knew what to do.


5. No Matter What I Do I Can’t Lose Weight


This simply has to be replaced with the thought “nothing I’ve tried so far has proven to be a solution.”  If weight loss is a goal, The Metabolic Reboot is the solution. 



Check out some of the testimonials from actual clients.  Most of them came in with “but problems” and uttered at least one of the 5 Phrases.  Their outcomes were spectacular.  Yours should be too,





  1. Email me personally at [email protected] to tell me you read this and you want to “get better.”
  2. Explore the website, www.infiniteimpacthealth.com, and choose one of the various contact forms to ask for a “first step” (schedule a complimentary visit if you live in South Florida)
  3. Go ahead and set up an appointment for “3 for $79 (again, if you live in South Florida) and experience a mind-blowing encounter with 3 synergistic healing modalities that bring about true miracles in our patients and client

Regardless of the phrase you place after your own “but,” go ahead, choose one of the above options, and I look forward to meeting you face to face to back up my promises and transform your body and life precisely in the manner you wish for.


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