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When your Belly Hangs Over Your Belt

Uncategorized Oct 27, 2018

Andy was a multi-millionaire, a deal maker, a business pit-bull. 

45 years old, wealthy, and successful, his perpetual “wish” was that he’d “get in shape.” 

Andy had a heart attack and died.

No, that’s no way to start an article, at least not if you’re a marketer.  It's so . . . harsh.  I've read the books and attended the workshops.  You have to entice, drip the nice benefits of your offering and throw in marketing hooks as you build interest.

Screw building interest.  I’m not playing a marketing game right now.  Andy died, and so too did Ken, a 38-year old realtor, and Richie, a father of four who was “in the money business” moving from high-stakes deal to high-stakes deal.

These are three real people.  I didn’t know them well, but I met them.   They all came to me recently seeking change. 

Of the three, none of them took the step.  They were too busy, too indecisive, too caught up in their own day-to-day.

There are many similarities in the stories of Andy (heart attack), Ken (stroke), and Richie (cardio-vascular incident).  All were on meds for cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure . . . but that’s subjective.  In other words, the prescriptions were the result of a doctor assessing labs and prescribing a treatment, at best "managing" a condition that clearly was one of risk (this might be a good time to note that there isn’t a single medication that will cure or fix a single chronic disease).

In my mind, the most striking physical similarity was, in all three cases, their bellies hung over their belts.  When each of the three men expressed wanting to change,  the “belly issue” was a cosmetic hindrance.  Research and evidence tell us it's more.

An accumulation of belly fat (in men and in women) is a primary risk factor of cardiac incident and death. 

Abdominal adiposity (excess fat in the mid-section) indicates an accumulation of a different kind of fat than that which inhabits the thigh or the back of the arm.   A growing midsection (once primarily in men but now recognized in women as well) usually represents an accumulation of visceral fat. 

While subcutaneous fat (under the skin) may be emotionally burdensome, visceral fat is actively working against its host.  It surrounds, blocks, and compromises internal organs.  It drives inflammation (the root cause of virtually all chronic disease) and it serves as a manufacturing center for cytokines, inflammatory compounds that perpetuate movement along the disease continuum.

I’m not writing with any hint of anything other than a burning desire to rescue people, to save living men and women from the mistakes we’ve erroneously come to associate with aging.


If you want to regain “your best,” if you want to lose fat with permanence, restore the quality of life you long for . . . I have answers.  Right now I’m urging you to take a step.

Join me for my 7 Day Metabolic Firestorm.

It’s a live interactive 7-day program conducted via live webinar. 

This program is a life-changer.

The science I've built this program upon delivers far reaching benefit:

  • Metabolic Optimization
  • Hormonal Re-balancing
  • Improvement in blood sugar and insulin balance
  • Reduction in both subcutaneous and visceral fat
  • Energy enhancement and stabilization
  • Reversal of inflammation
  • Weight loss
  • Reversal of Weight Loss Resistance

If you aren't presently in control of your body, if you feel as if the decline has started and you believe it to be inevitable, we have to change your thinking right this very minute.


I created the Metabolic Firestorm program to rescue.  I’ve taken away every obstacle. 

If you haven’t had the financial wherewithal in the past to hire a high level fitness professional, this program is only $87 (it normally begins at $147 with options for varied levels of personal guidance). 

If you’ve ever felt "eating right and exercising" was “too much work,” this program is designed to be simple. 

  • The exercise sessions are brief. 
  • The nutritional shifts are not difficult nor are they complex.
  • The sessions are all recorded and can be visited again and again!

That's right.  No excuses.  The entire program is accessible with recorded webinars and exercise demos that you can begin at any time.


I anticipate getting some email.  Some of you will find it offensive or inappropriate that I referenced tragic deaths in order to sell a program.   I’ll certainly accept those emails if they reflect your true sentiments. 

If you know me at all, you know my intentions are consistent, genuine, pure, and altruistic.  You know I am caring, empathetic, and committed to my colleagues and clients. 

In 30 years of practice I’ve seen hundreds of tragic preventable deaths resulting from lifestyle choices.  In 30 years I’ve NEVER connected those deaths with a “pitch to take action.”  Until now.  

These three affected me.  All three of them were “considering taking action.”  All three of them were able and capable and chose not to act.  All three of them were younger than me!

The 7 Day Metabolic Firestorm grew out of my own passion, study, commitment, and expertise, and every career action I’ve ever taken was intended to rescue, to help, and to better the lives of others.  I daresay, it's time not only to better lives, but to save some as well.

If this article got one or two people to recognize “the belly over the belt” as a warning and as a result, they connected with a program that will give them a revised future, I’ll happily accept the criticisms.

Whether this resonates with you as it reflects your own concerns, or it brings to mind the condition of someone you love . . . registration is open . . . $87.  No catch.  Lives will change for the better.  Yours should too.

Join us.


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