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The Day After Christmas

Uncategorized Dec 25, 2023

Anyone who has witnessed the trajectory  of my career knows that I envisioned creating a healing center, a “Human Betterment” center since my experience "as a patient" in 2005,

In 2019, I connected with Dr. Kristin Comella, world renowned stem cell scientist and the  vision became a shared one.  After years of challenges, stick-to-it-iveness, and a few wild adventures, we opened Infinite Impact, a Center for Human Betterment, in 2023, and as we head toward the year that foolows, we agree.  2023 has been a year of miracles. 

Together with my friend Dr. Blyweiss and an extraordinary team of medical, fitness, and health professionals, we breeathed life into our Boca Raton showcase, an integrative model of empowerment,  Visitors know.  We've built a true Center for Human Betterment.

The changes we’ve witnessed with clients and patients defy not only the edicts of conventional medicine, but in many cases, defy belief! 

We hear the word “unbelievable” at the completion of every Metabolic Reboot program, weeks after regenerative treatments, and every time “re-tests” show reversal of disease markers.

And now, a New Year arrives!

In 2024 I want to change the health care system into a true healing paradigm by serving as a clear model of new possibility. 

We aspire to turn Boca Raton into the healthiest city in the world, and eliminate the frustrations of weight loss resistance and chronic disease starting in our own South Florida Universe.

Can we achieve these lofty goals?  I believe we can, and we’ll start right before New Years, as soon as Santa heads back to the North Pole.  The Day After Christmas.

That makes Tuesday, December 26, a special day. 

I've handpicked 100 people as 2024 success stories.  The interesting part of this is, I've never met them.  I simple went thorugh the  volume of inquiries we've had from people seeking fat loss, metabolic restoration, and changes in energy and health.  I've invited them to come in for a visit, to get a sense of what it is that we do and offer.

I want to meet each one of them personally and offer clear guidance along the path to betterment, without hiccups, without pitfalls, without misssteps.  By integrating science, nutrition, and technology, our Metabolic Reboot programs are fail-proof as long as you enter with an open mind and a willingness to dismiss any frustrations of the past.

Come in The Day After Christmas and "the Full Experience" is on me, fuily comp. 

We'll sit down in my office for a few minutes, review your challenges and desires, and then enjoy a combination of Red Light  Body Contouring, PEMF Healing and Pain Relief, vibration, power, and more. 

You'll find the 1-hour visit to be invigorating, and for a great many, life-altering.

I'm only offering this TODAY, Tuesday, the Day After Christmas.  By the time I leav the office tonight, I want to feel certain that everyone who took me up on this FREE Offer experienced the joy and feel-good power of what a natural, non-invasive biochemical boost in healing hormones and neurotransmitters can do. 

Here’s how it works.  You have to act now.  There are limited openings, the  "offer" is only today, and it will fill up.

Set your appointment now for the Day After Christmas special

You can do it online this very minute (please don’t schedule unless you’re really going to show up as I’m calling in my entire staff to make this day special). 



We can only find true certainty after we meet. 

Come in and we can discuss anything from using red light to rejuvenate your skin to using stem cells to repair your knee, elbow, or hip condition.  We can discuss the success we’ve had eliminating back pain, reversing type 2 diabetes, and getting people off the meds they thought they needed forever (you don’t need meds if you return to optimal health).  We can explain and demonstrate the incredible benefit of Hyperbaric Oxygen. 

We can share insights and experiences about PEMF magnetic field energy as a miraculous healing strategy, cryotherapy to provide a metabolic boost and facilitate greater recovery, detoxification, fat mobilization, vibration, frequency, power, mindset, acoustic soundwave therapy, scalar energy, biofeedback, the functional 6, the power circuit, Ozempic (yes, we can talk about Ozempic as well), and more.

If you live in South Florida, don’t wait.  Today's the day and with this posted, the calendar will fill up quickly.


I look forward to meeting you and playing at least a small role in your health and fitness future.

Phil Kaplan

P.S.  Don’t back down on your true desires.  Put them out there and expect miracles.  That’s what we do here . . . reveal the innate healing power and the miraculous restorative God-given gift that emerges when you mix balanced life force and the beautiful accessible perfection of the human machine.

Schedule your appointment now, or email me at [email protected].

BOOKING LINK: https://bit.ly/3NJ4nNR

If you want a quicker reply, feel free to TEXT ME at 954 294-8434.

Have a Happy, Merry, Loving Holiday!  See you on the other side!

Phil Kaplan
[email protected]
Text: 954 294-8434
Private Office Line (Weekdays): 561 879-4602
Private Consultation

P.S.  If you can't make it The Day After Christmas, set up a Consultation for only $35.  The value  will be extreme and I'll credit it toward any programs or services you opt to pursue.


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