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The Best in Some, the Worst in Others

“We’ve seen the best in people, and we’ve seen the worst.” 

Over the course of centuries, that quote has been uttered by generals, politicians, philosophers, and leaders in times of crisis.  Societal disruption (such as a pandemic) allows for people to reveal themselves at their deepest levels.

Far be it from me to judge who’s good and who may be on the naughty list, but there are extremes being played out daily in the residual chaos spilling forth from 2020. 

We can bestow endless praise upon health care workers and find their tireless hearts representative of the good mankind is capable of.  On the other end of the spectrum are those who capitalize on the weak and vulnerable to pursue personal profit and gain.

What prompted me to write this now? 

As a long-time consumer advocate, I keep an eye on FTC claims, frauds related to health, fitness, and weight loss, and scams that perpetuate the awareness and bank accounts of those in need.  As I scanned a sampling of recent claims, actions, and lawsuits, I found a near-endless list of scammers capitalizing on COVID.

From fake vaccines, counterfeit hydroxychloroquine, and bogus tests to charity scams, fake IRS phone calls asking you to apply for COVID tax relief, to “help I’m in the hospital and need money” scams, the opportunistic thievery is extreme.

I thought it important to arm you with simple truths and safeguards.

Let's start with this truth.  The most powerful weapon against any virus is a strong immune system


That statement does not in any way attempt to downplay the virtues of masks, handwashing, and social distancing, but if there’s a master lesson being learned right now, its highlighted by the susceptibility of those with compromised health.

It’s said that the “younger” people are less likely to suffer severe symptoms and “older” people are at greater risk.  I’d suggest that one of the primary differences between “younger” and “older” is, the younger among us have not suffered entropy, the breakdown of cells and systems their parents and grandparents have, and that’s the sad part.

Biological Youth is as much, if not more, a consequence of action and environment than it is of age or genetics.

With an awareness of our power over our health and immune systems, with recognition that what we eat think and do determine our gut health and resilience to withstand pathogenic invaders (bacteria or viruses), those who are beginning the decline we’ve mistakenly thought of as an inevitability of aging gain the power to strengthen, to protect, and as a side effect, to restore the elements of youth.

You likely know I’m leading people through my Younger, Better, Stronger Program right now, and that isn’t a coincidence. 

During the “shelter at home” period, March 2020, I felt society’s pain and panic and initiated a few webinars with colleagues and doctors to share some truths. 

Later that month I initiated the free 55 Days program to help 5,000 people find betterment within the crisis.  That was both rewarding and enlightening for me, and through that process I refined Younger Better Stronger with a mix of what science has revealed about our power over entropy and what has been buried in the annals of medicine from its earliest Greek and Eastern healers.

This is not your ordinary exercise and eating program.

Read this article.  In it I’ll share the Super Antioxidant Smoothie the folks in my present program are enjoying.  It will also give you some insight into how we integrate the exercise and nutrition components to improve energy, improve health, and yes, bolster immunity.


And know, if you want to come on board for Younger Better Stronger, it isn’t too late and there is an affordable option for you.

Stay Well, Stay Safe, Be Better,



  • Although natural foods and some nutritional supplements can serve to boost immunity and heighten innate defenses, no single product, supplement, herb or natural compound will in and of itself offer immunity, protection, or cure of COVID19.  Read the science but beware the claims of hawkers of product who suddenly show up in your YouTube or Facebook feed.
  • Be wary of anyone you don’t know via phone, text, or email inviting you to participate in a COVID study for a “minor” investment.
  • Reject anyone who shows up unannounced (door-to-door or phone solicitation) offering you an at-home COVID test.
  • If anyone tries to sell you an “official” Mask Exemption card with an insignia of a Government agency, know that no government agency has issued such a card.
  • Treat anyone calling to offer you a package of “Tele-Med” services with extreme caution.  This pitch offers scammers easy access to personal information and legitimate medical agencies and offers are not likely to telemarket anonymously.

I'm open to your thoughts and questions.  Feel free to reach out at any time.

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